Our Library Public PC's have never been so streamlined, simple, easy to use, and secure. We could not have accomplished that without DeepFreeze. Their customer support, sales, and service are also top notch.
- Bega Valley Shire Council
DeepFreeze has been invaluable in securing our publicly accessible computers, as well as allowing for easy management of the computers ensuring that all updates and maintenance can easily be done remotely outside of accessibility hours.
- Lane Cove Council
We use DeepFreeze for one of our charity clients. It allows non-tech-savvy users to walk in and use the public PCs without risk of damage.
A quick reboot fixes anything they have broken. Absolute life saver. Love it.
- Managed Bits, Australia

Absolutely fantastic, expect a PC to be ruined by bloat and toolbars over and over again? DeepFreeze
- Managed Bits, Australia
We have been using Deepfreeze for many years now and find it to be an extremely easy way to manage our Public PC's. It is very easy to manage and allows us to provide a high level of privacy for our patrons.
- Hepburn Shire Council
We have been using Deep Freeze for probably 10 years now and have never had any problems with it, including when we refreshed our PCs (4 yearly).
- Shire of Augusta Margaret River
Great product. Can not do business without it.
-City of Holdfast Bay
THE best solution for any public use computers that you manage! No matter what the end user messes up - a simple reboot and its fixed. Has saved our clients thousands and thousands in repair costs!
- Stockman Electronics, Australia
We have been using Faronics Deep Freeze for over 10 years within our Community College.
DeepFreeze does an amazing job at keeping our lab machines free from errors. Our labs are used daily with students making many changes to the machine per session. I always have peace of mind knowing that upon reboot the machine will be reset to our standard image. On the rare occasion we require support for the product, the support has been prompt and impressive. We look forward to many more years of using the DeepFreeze product..
-WEA Illawarra
We have been using DeepFreeze for a number of years.
We are a smaller library service and DeepFreeze has enabled us to develop a secure environment for our public computers with little staff time as staffing levels are low We appreciate the excellent level of support we receive with any technical issues.
DeepFreeze has been an excellent choice for our service.
-Warren Shire Library
As a public library we are constantly dealing with people changing things on the computers or downloading things they shouldn't. They also often forget to logout from their email accounts etc. Deepfreeze is the perfect solution to ensure each time the computers restart that they are put back to exactly the way they were.
- Port Macquarie Hastings Library Service
When you're too busy to do what needs to be done, when you need put it back together with quickness - DeepFreeze doesn't waste any time! Just set and forget, then it's just coolin'!
DeepFreeze, It's cool as ice!
- Bega Valley Shire Council
At the University of South Australia we have been using DeepFreeze Enterprise to secure all our student desktops and laptops since 2008. We are a multi-campus institution with a large number of regional devices deployed. From machines in Computer Labs that are frequently compromised by IT students to Libraries that are in use nearly 24/7 to Laptops that are taken off site for various engagement programs. Deep Freeze has enabled our small team to concentrate on more important tasks other than re-imaging or resurrecting compromised devices, be it intentionally or otherwise.

Deep Freeze also integrates well with all the major OS Deployment solutions we have used and/or tested to date, allowing for a true set and forget philosophy.

Deep Freeze is the best defence against system change around and it also allows the machines to be kept up to date using your existing update technologies, on your schedule not someone else's.

From a machine management perspective, the Deep Freeze Console gives you the ability to manage machines on mass with a few simple clicks. You can also have a Remote Console from your staff Desktop to control your little world. A highly recommended product for any Internet Cafe, School, Library or University..
- University of South Australia, Australia
I have been looking after the desktops in two Libraries within our Shire for the past nine years, having to re-image the desktops perhaps once or twice every year when they were hit with viral or malware products. I'll be honest and say that I was indeed very apprehensive of Deep Freeze at first, thinking that my re-imaging doesn't take all that long, However, Deep Freeze has been one of the best software products that we have purchased. After the Library desktop computers were setup to the end-users needs, we then set Deep Freeze to lock it down. With it nearing three years since installing Deep Freeze on these computers I am happy to record that we have had absolutely zero IT issues since. Our Return on Investment with Deep Freeze has been absolutely fantastic. All IT Departments from any company that look after general public computers should be using the product.
- Liverpool Plains Shire Council -NSW, Australia
I have been using Deepfreeze for many years at various organisations. When I started this role in a public library, I was responsible for all the technology used within and used by the library. The public computers were using up a great deal of my time and it was a seemingly endless battle to have them in good working order. It was clear that Deepfreeze would be the best way to look after our computers so that support requests would be reduced. Recently upgrading to the Enterprise version has meant that our public PCs require minimal ongoing maintenance, even across sites. This enabled me to focus on rolling out many new systems in the library space. Many services currently offered to patrons would not have been implemented without the time savings created by Deepfreeze.
- Hawkesbury Library Service, NSW Australia
Deep Freeze has been essential for us in managing a dispersed, geographically distant network of computers. Instead of having to constantly check and physically travel to computers to ensure the integrity of our standard image, we can be sure that Deep Freeze has kept them in a clean and secure state. Easy to use with minimal difficulty of set up, Deep Freeze has been an absolutely essential program for us. Cheers!
- Victorian State Government, Australia
As a IT Services provider, sometimes we have clients who need to setup a public Kiosk or similar. Deep Freeze is a fantastic product for these situations as we can setup the machine, lock it down - Whilst still automatically setting a schedule so that the applications/security patches are installed as needed. As each user logs off, the PC is restarted and again comes in a clean state. Any nasties or personal information left on them are then wiped and the machine is ready for the next user.
This ultimately saves us and the client time and more importantly money, in operating costs going forward that would normally be incurred for maintaining the service.
- TechBrain, Australia
We use DeepFreeze on our Public Access computers. The program itself is easy to use and set-up and it allows us to avoid any hassles while making support for these machines an absolute breeze.
- Banana Shire Council, Australia
Deep Freeze is a great product that reduces the more trivial and time consuming helpdesk jobs. By reverting a computer to a default state after reboot, never has the tech support phrase "Have you restarted your computer?" been more applicable. Perfect for school environments.
- St Hildas Anglican School for Girls - Australia
Big fan of deep freeze. I had it at my old school and love it. Trying to get my new school to install it. It comes in very handy being a computer science teacher.
- Brian Wells - Colonial Forge High School
Deep Freeze Cloud is going to save us time in having to keep programs up to date and Windows patches applied in our remote offices. Knowing that the system is also protected means less downtime for the Library's and less IT help desk requests.
- The Barossa Council - Australia
We had constant issues dealing with the internet cafe PCs at one of our sites. Users would constantly bring down viruses etc. Since Deep Freeze has been deployed there, all the issues have been reduced to a simple "Reboot the computer and it'll be clean" resolution. Can't recommend this product highly enough!
- Rob Lee - Australia
We have been using Deep Freeze program for 5-7 years and it has made our job so much easier. I can just restart the computers to fix everything that kids had done, and we are back and running within a minute.
— Bryan Derewonko- ATS Project Success (Michigan)
We have been using Deep Freeze from 7-8 years in our Mac and Windows lab. It is a tremendous software. Children who like to explore are going to change the background or the settings. But with Deep Freeze in place, the computer is left just as it was earlier with a simple restart.
— Sylvester Washington - Sunflower County School District (Mississippi)
It is the best security solution for computer labs in high schools. If you are not using Deep Freeze, then you're wasting a lot of your time repairing children's PC problems rather than spending your time in teaching.
— Dr. John Lanham- Jefferson County Public Schools (Kentucky)
We have been using Deep Freeze probably from 14 years. Students pull down and store videos, get in viruses and malware stuff during their class. When that machine shuts down at the end of the day, next day when it starts all the unwanted stuff goes away and becomes brand new the next day.
— Dr. William Fletcher - Tensas Parish School Board (Louisiana)
We have been using Deep Freeze probably for 8-10 years. It is a great resource for us to have. It helps us keep our devices the way they are supposed to be.
— Marianna Husain- Eanes ISD (Texas)
This saves me a couple of hours every time there is a need to re-image the computers. It is such a time saver and it allows me to keep the computers clean for students to use.
— Steven New- East Career & Technical Academy (Nevada)
I've used Deep Freeze product and find it phenomenal for securing low-use endpoints and kiosks.
— Diarmaid O Connor, Senior Analyst - IT - Infrastructure - Eaton Corporation
We have been using the DeepFreeze software for the last 7 years. The Anti-Virus software works great as well. This software has been a huge life savor when it comes to operating system maintenance. It helps keep the tech calls down.
— Mike Corona, Information Technology Manager - San Diego Workforce Partnership
Deep Freeze is a simple and powerful product that any company should never go without. We hope to educate more Philippine companies and organizations to adopt this wonderful innovation. Definitely recommended.
— Patricia Celis, Business Development Manager - IPSYSTEMS Inc
Faronics Deep Freeze, Anti-Executable and Power Save products provide total solutions to protect you’re Data. They are a great value too!
— Glen Axne, Regional Sales Manager - GHA Technologies
Our company was struggling with lost productivity because of overwhelming computer problems. Every time a workstation went down, processes came to a grinding halt. The costs were astronomical including employee overtime, delayed deadlines, frustrated customers, and even risking our reputation. Then we found a solution to our problems - Faronics Deep Freeze.

With Deep Freeze, we are spending our working hours getting the job done, rather than troubleshooting PC's and constantly interrupting productivity. Deep Freeze does exactly what we need. It keeps our machines up and running, which increases employee satisfaction because they now have the tools they need to get the job done on time.

Deep Freeze offers complete PC protection keeping our machines free of malware and preventing configuration drift. By significantly reducing the volume of IT support tickets, our IT department now doesn't have to work around the clock re-imaging PCs and fighting fires.

We are now able to manufacture more cabinets and handle more customer orders, while working fewer hours! Thanks to Deep Freeze, we're confident we can deliver a fantastic product on time every time, while saving lots of money on IT support and manufacturing downtime.

Deep Freeze is the perfect business tool to help maximize manufacturing efficiency. Thanks Faronics!”
— Bob Pawar, CMA Controller - Euro-Rite Cabinets Ltd.
A great product with huge potential.
— Mark Maiden, Solution Specialist - CSC
Faronics DeepFreeze, simply and powerful!!!! Try it.
— Andrea Brambilla, Marketing and Communication - DotForce, Italy
I strongly recommend Deep Freeze because it really makes your PC's or laptops indestructible, providing high value to you or your company at a very low cost.
— Guisela Villatoro, Academic Manager - TenStep Guatemala
Faronics Deep Freeze Technology is a sophisticated approach to reduce IT costs, accelerate activity and ensures clean systems every time a user signs on. My clients love it because it reduces support tickets/help desk calls and alleviates time to focus on their core business projects. According to CIO.com “Completing projects on time and on budget and keeping project stakeholders and staff happy are among the five most important goals.” The accomplishments of projects equate to bonuses.
— Joel Esparza, Regional Account Manager - Data Clean Corporation
I love Deep Freeze for the Mac. It saves me so much work, and is bulletproof. Awesomely disruptive technology.
— Mark Crane, Networked Writing Specialist - Utah Valley University
We use Deep Freeze at the school I work at. Great product for securing laptops.
— Nicholas Thomas, Support Engineer - Capita
The response I get when speaking to customers who have used Deep Freeze is that it is a superior product, easy to use and implement and that it makes their job easier. Overwhelming positive response.
— John Kempf, Director of Business Development - Safari Micro
I bought my DeepFreeze 6.2x five years ago. (Currently I'm using 6.30) In November 2008 I installed Windows XP on my computer and since then I haven't had to reinstall it! Previously, it needed to be done every six months. Flawless! Thanks to Faronics.
— Peter Krima, System Administrator and EUS Specialist - IT Company Ltd
I love Deep Freeze software, restart computer, all problems gone.
— Real Huang, Marketing manager - Shanghai Jingbao Digital Technology Co., Ltd
Easy deployed and user problems decreased by 95%.
— Alwyn Blignaut, Owner - Netsec
Easy to use and install. Eliminates prolonged infections by malware. At restart all the headache is gone, and my customers are good for business.
— Rehan Ahmad, Managing Director - Meissa Group Sdn. Bhd
A brilliant product that has helped keep our PCs in public areas free from unwanted viruses and other downloads. A simple reboot and everything is back.
— Steven Harrison, Group ICT Officer - North Star Housing Group
We use this through out our organisation and it really makes our life easier.
— Daniel Cater, I.T Co-ordinator - Academy of Contemporary Music
Deep Freeze it´s one of the most suitable products for IT environment in terms of cost reductions and less cost for IT managers. Just Reboot it and solve it :)
— Marcelo Díaz, CEO - MAKROS
Transformed the way we supported lab workstations and saved us so many rebuilds I can't count. Awesome, game changing product.
— Rob Childs, Systems Manager - Birmingham City University
Take a frozen snapshot of a workstation's configuration, and each time you restart, restore back to this. Awesome!
— Micky Po, Sales Executive - New Business at Trustco
What do I think about Faronics Deep Freeze? It's simple, it is the only solution I need to be in the place I want when I want. With Deep Freeze I have no worries about viruses, accidents and even attacks to my organization's computers because the hardest thing to do is to RESET the computer and "voilá", everything is fine... I can continue with my life. No doubt, Deep Freeze is a totally a "must-have" in any size of organization.
— Jorge Jimenez, Financial Advisor - SMNYL
A dead simple enterprise solution.
— Art Hedman, System Administrator - Seattle Public Schools

I've had an excellent experience from start to finish. Dealt with a very quick, flexible and knowledgable support team. The documentation is easily digestible and to the point. Couldn't ask for a better product to implement in a lab environment.
— Jose Mendez, Support Systems Analyst - Austin Lane Technologies, Inc.
We use Deep Freeze on all our public computers and have begun to deploy Faronics Anti-virus for both public and staff. Deep Freeze, in my opinion, is a must for public computers and I really like the small foot print and Deepfreeze integration with Faronics Anti-virus.
— Ted Bazemore, Reference Librarian - Georgia Perimeter College
Excellent solution for public environment, for use by people with different expertise.
— Carlos Eduardo Arem, Buscando Recolocação - Buscando recolocação profissional, Brazil
During my professional sales career, I have sold a variety of software, few have been as powerful a tool as Deep Freeze, yet offered such simplicity for ease of use. System crash, no problem. Viruses, no problem. Simply reboot and you are back up and running.
— Zak Rhajiak, Sr. Account Executive - Essential Software Solutions
Deep Freeze is the only way to go for computer labs.
— Scott Frondal, CEO - Advanced Productivity Computing
Deep Freeze is an extremely valuable tool for schools to reduce computer downtime. Save time and resources with this product!
— Damian Bonham, CRM Specialist - Follett Software
Deep Freeze fits my K12 clients like a comfortable glove. Having multiple sites to administer and support, and often times multiple job responsibility hats to wear, many of the IT administrators I work with have really enjoyed taking advantage of virtually eliminating many trouble-ticket requests in their labs by having Deep Freeze installed there.
— Brian Gorr, Senior Client Executive - ITsavvy, Greater Chicago Area
Faronics Deep Freeze is the only tool out there, to my knowledge, that can maintain a systems integrity in such an efficient and transparent way. Deep Freeze should be a key part of every systems security defence.
— David Verwey, Owner - SilverCreative Ltd.
Faronics provides easily deployed and readily managed applications. In public libraries, parks, recreation centers, aging services sites and childrens services locations, having reliable software that just works is very appreciated. Reporting and ease of use are simply added benefits.
— Jason M. Biggers, Coordinator - Systems Management & Process Automation at Hillsborough County BOCC
I recommend Deep Freeze from Faronics, it is THE product to ensure a low cost support and a healthy trouble free PC and laptop environment.
— Hector Perez, Managing Director - TenStep Guatemala - ICT S.A.
I have been using this product for many years. Deep Freeze is the best product I have ever purchased. Before Deep Freeze I had an antivirus, spyware removal program and finally deleted it three years after getting Deep Freeze because there was NEVER any spyware or virus on my computers! Side note - if you have kids and they download and visit social sites, Deep Freeze is a must!
— JLynn Manley, Licensed Property Manager - WPG
Faronics Deep Freeze es un excelente producto que permite a nuestros profesores y administradores de red una protección sencilla y confiable de la configuración en las estaciones de trabajo a su cargo. Es un producto altamente valorado en nuestra institución porque en adición a lo anterior evita estar restringiendo a los alumnos en su objetivo de aprender experimentando. Al final de la jornada educativa con una simple instrucción se vuelve a la configuración inicial con un significativo ahorro de tiempo.
— Carlos Alberto E., Chief Supply - TECSUP, Peru
Deep Freeze will absolutely extend the life of your computers, as well as your IT help desk people! No need for formatting, disinfecting, re-installing, re-configuring, or headache pills.
— Mohammad Ashkaibi, Pre-Sales Consultant - Lumension, Jordan
Tired of reinstalling your PC or Mac? Use Faronics Deep Freeze. Simply works.
— Frank Bevers, Manager/Owner - Nexco
I've advised customer to use Deep Freeze for years. Works VERY well for coffee shops and internet cafe where public computers are available. Simply schedule a reboot to happen every night and the systems take care of themselves. Now, customers only need to call me once a quarter for updates or new software. Unfreezing for modifications is a snap.
— Adrian Santangelo, Founder/Owner - Interpreting Tech with Adrian Santangelo
We issue several laptops to our contractors/consultants to work outside the office. Too often, these laptops get infected by viruses or the configuration has been modified by the user. When this happens, the laptop has to be sent back to us and our tech support spends a significant amount of time cleaning the viruses, reformatting or reinstalling software before shipping it back to the user. We discovered Faronics Deep Freeze last year and deployed it to these laptops. Since then, the only thing the user has to do is reboot when they encounter any problem. This saves both the IT Support Department and the End Users a lot of time to be more productive.
— Mr. Byron Chan - Wyeth Philippine
I have used DeepFreeze for over 5 years and I've always been impressed with it. The fact that changes are pretty much impossible for end users to make ensures it is a robust and crash proof system for the environment that you work in.
— JP World Technology - Australia
DeepFreeze works excellent in our kiosk style terminal by stopping pesky users from playing with the settings and moving files around. Once they log off, the computer restarts and is fresh and clean for the next user. The tool is easy to configure, transparent to the user and can be easily locked down so normal users can't un-freeze the 5disk.
— Scott, IT Manager for a telecommunications provider in Australia
When we implemented Faronics Deep Freeze and Faronics Anti-Virus, 90% of our IT support tickets decreased instantaneously.
— Greg Atkins, Director of Technology - Glenpool Public Schools - USA
It gives me peace of mind to know that my district is fully protected both at run time and upon reboot. These two products have simplified our job and
allowed us to focus on other critical projects.
— Brian Merchant, Coordinator of Technical Support Services - Ballston Spa Central School District - USA
Faronics Anti-Virus has been a godsend with low impact on system resources and a full integration with Deep Freeze to deliver updates without putting Deep Freeze in maintenance mode.
— Amos Painter, IT Technician Augusta County Public Schools - USA
Deep Freeze is a fantastic product that just keeps getting better with Version 7.5. DeepFreeze now caches updates from Microsoft and protects the Master Boot Record, so I have less to worry about as a lab manager. I can also see my Workstation Tasks in a new configuration tab so I can easily manage them. I have been using DeepFreeze for ten years, and wouldn't think of running a lab without it!
- Adam Hauerwas  Providence College - USA
We have used this software at our youth center for several years. It works great. Relatively easy to set up and maintain each machine on our network while keeping the kids that come through the door safe. I would recommend this software to anyone looking for a little extra control over what the machines on their network can do. Thanks.
- YFC, Canada
Love the DeepFreeze Program! We have so many users on our community computers and DeepFreeze prevents any of them from mucking the machine up! Couldn't be happier.
- Coldwell Banker Premier - Utah - USA
Deepfreeze, I can't say this any other way. It is a time saver! If you manage multiple workstations and have ever had a user come to you complaining about the workstation they work at being slow, infected or they have "accidently" changed a setting and they want it back the way it was then Deepfreeze is the answer. Setup your OS the way you want it, install Deepfreeze and enjoy. Thanks Deepfreeze!
- Sydney Montessori School - Australia
Thank you for your service over the years.  I do have a few grey hairs but I am sure I would be white haired if I hadn't had Deepfreeze on the computers over the years. Thank you.
- Te Kauwhata Primary - NZ
In fact DF has been (continues to be) an excellent tool in our situation - I manage our Shire youth facility, before DF I had ongoing hassles with kids changing settings
- Mansfield Shire Council, VIC, Australia
I was unsure if this product would work in our government environment but after a week of use, I don't see how we worked without it. We have an emergency coordination room with 10 computers that need to be ready to use at any given time if there is any kind of emergency in our area. With software now including toolbars, and "Virus Scanners" on regular updates, it gets really hard to keep all the the "junk" off these computers. After installing Deep Freeze has been a breeze. A user can install whatever they want when they sit down and after a reboot it is good as new. We are able to login and install only the updates needed so our counties are always ready with a fresh computer whenever an emergency strikes.
- Chris Miller
After having to rebuild the public access workstations at our Library, we installed Deep Freeze a couple of years ago and since then, all workstations have performed perfectly. Any issues that users discover are easily and quickly 'repaired' by the simple rebooting of the affected workstation by Library staff. A great product.
- Bathurst Regional Council, NSW Australia
I have told a number of I.T. Directors that Faronics makes a great product. One of your best customer retention tools is your Tech Support folks. I will always worry about my school's computers and network; but, I worry less and sleep better at night because I know Deep Freeze and Anti-Executable are keeping an "eye" on what is going on.
- Bob Jesus, IT Department, South Shore Charter Public School
Deep freeze has worked wonders for several of our larger clients. They have saved downtime by having systems always working the way they were intended, not having to worry about users running unauthorized applications and thus increasing productivity.
- YP-Connect, Austalia
The difference that using Deep Freeze Mac made was huge. Immediately, we saw the amount of support time devoted to our Macs easily cut to 5% of what we had been spending prior toinstalling Deep Freeze. Deep Freeze eliminated 95% of all the software issues we were encountering so that almost the only difficulties we had were hardware-related
- La Mesa-Spring Valley School District

I am an IT support employee of Griffith University. We have been using Deep Freeze for many years to maintain the security of hundreds of computer labs on campus. The Enterprise console saves time and effort for all our IT staff. Deep Freeze is a great solution that integrates seamlessly with all our IT systems.
- Griffith Universty, Australia
We have recently completed a large rollout and SOE upgrade of Windows 7 machines into one of our libraries. Initially Deep Freeze was identified as a potential solution due to its Windows 7 support. However upon testing this program alongside other vendor solutions to meet due diligence requirements, Deep Freeze stood out by far in terms of functionality, support and ease of use. I would not hesitate to recommend this program and it is also under consideration for use in other areas.
- Sunshine Coast Council, Qld, Australia
We have been using Deep Freeze for our public access PC's for quite a while now. Saved many man hours trying to resolve what malicious things had been done to the PC. Restart and away it went! Very grateful for Deep Freeze!
- Glenelg Shire Council, VIC, Australia
Deep Freeze has allowed our faculty to maintain the most important part of any learning and teaching environment, freedom and creativity. By allowing our users a desktop environment that enables them more freedom to explore different applications and approaches to their study, we feel they are definitely given the greatest opportunity to develop drive and direction to advance their studies in a way that they most fulfilling, and in turn, excel. Of course this kind of freedom in a lab environment is only manageable at all due to the stability that Deep Freeze provides! Cheers Faronics :)
- Sebastian Gonzalez, Faculty of the Built Environment University of New South Wales
DeepFreeze has kept my labs clean and free of viruses, temp files, unwanted files, I have had the a absolutely no problems with the labs.  Saving me tons of money and time.  I am very grateful for DEEPFREEZE.
- Angela Baker, University of Mary Hardin Baylor, Texas
We're EXCITED to use Deep Freeze on our Internet-facing IIS servers. It gives us PEACE OF MIND to know that, come what may, one reboot and they'll be running again.
- Wilfrid Laurier University Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
I am convinced that Deep Freeze is the best invention since sliced bread. Now I am even more happy to learn that Faronics has human and courteous customer service.
- Francois Boulay, Quebec
"We have come to rely on Faronics Deep Freeze. We recently became infected with the Conficker virus, and while many school districts around us took weeks to recover we managed to clean five schools in less than one week. Our only infected machines were the ones that did not have Deep Freeze installed and the latest system updates applied. Faronics’ technical support team was also very quick to respond to my ticket and was spot on with their diagnosis. I recommend your company to my peers on a routine basis."
- Jayson Casavant, Technical Integration, Rutland South Supervisory Union, North Clarendon, VT
I've known Deep Freeze since I was still living in Philippines. The way it protects system drive is just brilliant. Ever since I got acquainted to this program, I've been advising those people who frequently ask me for help in fixing their computer especially those people who have computers constantly being used by many users and those with families with kids that just can't stay away from Mum and Dad's laptop. Two thumbs up for Deep Freeze. =)
- Fernan Lloyd S. Tenebro United Kingdom
I teach in a northern fly n community in Saskatchewan. My assignment is full time computer instructor as well as network system administrator. Without the benefits of Deep Freeze it would be impossible to maintain the integrity of our 150 computers, photocopiers and printers. The password for DF is only available to myself and to my fly in support staff. I could not do the job without Deep Freeze.   
- Daniel Marek  Black Lake Education - Canada
We've had Deep Freeze on our computers for quite a few years now and it has saved me uncountable hours of computer trouble by just being able to reboot the system and start over fresh. I also cannot tell you how many viruses it has also helped avoid in conjunction with our anti-virus program. I also love that Deep Freeze can schedule maintenance periods during our closed hours and automatically start and shut down after the updates are done. This program is wonderful, and I recommend it to anyone who has public accessible computers.     
- Trisha Dowell, Charles J. Rike Memorial Library, Dallas, TX
"I am the sole administrator for our company's Windows domain network, about 15 servers and almost 70 windows workstations scattered around two buildings. I have been here about 15 years. About six years ago, just as we began in earnest to rely on Internet communications to do our business and vicious network attacks from the Internet began to accelerate, I had the good fortune to read a trade magazine article about Faronics Deep Freeze. "Oh, boy," I thought, "This is for me!"

I have not been disappointed; in fact, I am pleased almost beyond words. Deep Freeze is installed on almost all our workstations and has spared me daily of countless hours of work and aggravation fixing Windows' issues, both user- and Internet-induced! Having Deep Freeze installed across the enterprise has proven itself to be the virtual equivalent of having another full-time IT employee....easily!

Some say a product like Deep Freeze is a nuisance, a work hindrance. Nonsense! Deep Freeze has made enforcing our network policies a breeze! No unwanted spyware! No uninvited malware! No toolbars from Internet companies selling stuff! No unauthorized applications installed! No adventuresome users accidently deleting their Windows folders!

Simply stated, I like to paraphrase a slogan made famous by a major credit card company: Deep Freeze. I don't leave home without it!"     
- Mike Heffernan, Administrative Services CO-Op, Los Angeles, CA
I had occasion to use a friend's computer when mine had crashed.  She told me she has DEEP FREEZE on hers, and that she'd had absolutely NO problems with her computer in over a year, where she was having trouble every day or at least every week beforehand.  She said she'd even convinced her boss to install it at the office.  He did and now swears by it.   Can't wait to get mine fixed to have DEEP FREEZE installed!!
- D Regnier - Canada
Trinity Valley Community College has four campuses with nearly 550 lab computers, and every campus runs Faronics Deep Freeze on their lab computers. In fact, any of the computer labs that fall under our care must have Faronics Deep Freeze installed. Our computer technicians love it; it's the only way they can manage the labs in addition to the user computers. Deep Freeze seriously reduces the number of support calls we receive.The lab monitors have learned they can reboot and fix 99% of the issues. We absolutely love Deep Freeze and cannot imagine running our labs without it.     
- Alicia McLain, Sr. Systems Administrator, Trinity Valley Community
Generally our users need the freedom to make whatever changes to a PC they like.  However we do have some critical PCs which must work everyday in exactly the same way.  This is where deepfreeze is most useful.  In the past some certain administration computers would constantly produce errors and problems, usually user induced up to about 7 calls to our helpdesk a week.  Once Deepfreeze was installed this was reduced to about 1 per month which saved us so much time.
- National Ocneaography Centre, Southampton UK
We love Deep Freeze, and after upgrading to version 6 last year we love it even more! Student-caused technical problems in our labs have dropped to almost zero since we started using Deep Freeze. Also, our staff members love the fact that I can set labs to startup, refresh, and shutdown at specific times. We have one and a half IT positions district-wide, and Deep Freeze pretty much eliminates the time we used to waste in our student labs figuring out and fixing settings issues. Keep up the good work Faronics!     
- Evan Reese, Network Technician, Lake County School District #7, Oregon
How did we last this long without this product. I have been using Deepfreeze for about a year now and have been super impressed. I no longer worry about virus's, malware, trojans or the like. I was known to reinstall windows XP every 3 months due to corruptions, i now have not formatted since i installed deep freeze 11 months ago and my system is still as fresh and crisp and the first moment of reinstall.
- Mr. Comertpay - Home User - Australia
As a company whose IT staff is constantly busy, Faronics Deep Freeze has been a lifesaver. Deep Freeze performs well in dual-boot Mac and PC environments, which is perfect for the iMacs and Notebooks we provide in our business center. This is a very demanding and fast-paced environment, with lawyers and business executives using most of our technologies –- a market that truly demands the utmost in security and productivity. Deep Freeze not only gives our clientele exactly what they need by providing a versatile work space that safely and automatically protects vital system and personal information upon logout, but lets users perform crucial tasks at hand without being hindered by stringent software restrictions. Our high-end clientele feels secure knowing that Deep Freeze is protecting their information and letting them work without interruption. Our conference center’s IT department has saved countless hours in the installation and maintenance of our technologies with Deep Freeze’s bootable, clone-able drives. We also use Deep Freeze to save our IT staff time across our multiple properties: all of our high-tech security stations use this software in conjunction with user profiles and predetermined maintenance periods for near-zero downtime from maintenance and malware. This makes streamlining interdepartmental communications a breeze. We’ve found Deep Freeze to be so secure and versatile that we’re investigating another Faronics software, Power Save, to conserve even more energy in our LEED-registered properties.     
- Brady J. Frey, Art & IT Director, Bently Holdings
I run three mac labs in a university and Deep Freeze has helped me retain my sanity without the use of medicinials. Easy to use and deploy and it's the reason I only re-image drives once a year -- we're able to run a variety of classes through the three quarters of the school year with little to no additional maintenance. It's the perfect passive-aggressive management system, sure, go ahead and have at that computer but in the morning it will be exactly as I left it. We also use Power Save to manage shut downs and restarts for that purpose. Customer Service is excellent and via email, Faronics has the fastest response I've ever experienced. THANK you guys!     
- Pat Hunnell, Technology Specialist, Art, Media & Design, DePaul University
I co-manage a restaurant and keep track of security issues, product updates, scheduling, and other items that require constant internet access. I do all this on a small netbook. Deep Freeze helps keep this simple machine operational without the stress of worrying if some virus or family member might erase or change something without my knowledge. Others say it is a hassle for home use, but it couldn't be simpler. I don't require constant updates or downloads to maintain such a simple netbook. A quick restart and I can change or alter anything I need and do another restart and I am back doing business.

Deep Freeze is a worry-free way to keep your computer running strong and helping it last for a longer period of time. Computer companies change and add new products every day; the number one cause of CPU failure is human negligence. But Deep Freeze puts us back in control and it is a money, time, and energy saver.     
- Matt Ashcraft, Restaurant Manager, Lumberton Texas
State Library of Queensland invested in Deep Freeze following our building redevelopment at the beginning of 2007. We have a fleet of 98 Public Access Terminals providing access to SLQ collections and general internet facilities. Deep Freeze has without a doubt saved us untold man hours worth of support, as contrasted with our then-smaller unmanaged fleet available before the redevelopment. Combined with Anti-Executable we have been able to provide a uniform standard of service to all clients, safe in the knowledge that there are no unauthorised software programs lying in wait. Bravo Faronics!
- State Library of Queensland - Australia
Keystone Community Resources has installed Faronics Deep Freeze on all public access computers and 90% of staff and administration computers.
We have one main office, two smaller offices, and 55 community home locations that are all protected by Deep Freeze. We only have two IT staff, but these two are responsible for maintaining the computers in our 55+ locations that have a total of 180 computer workstations and eight servers.

We used to have to spend a large amount of our time undoing changes end-users were making to workstations and uninstalling the software they downloaded, not to mention eliminating the spyware and malware infections. Sometimes we had to bring in outside consultants to assist with cleanup, but since we began using Faronics Deep Freeze 4 years ago we have not had to call anyone. Deep Freeze has saved us from many hours of lost sleep and stress, and allowed us to make the most of the technology and staff we have.     
- Darryl Davis, Network Administrator, Keystone Community Resources, Clarks Summit, PA
Montgomery County Department of Job & Family Services was experiencing a number of problems with the computers that were made available for the public to use. We have eight public labs in total, and these labs were only supposed to take up about 25% of our time in terms of maintenance and support. The reality was that we were spending about 75% of our time fixing workstation problems such as spyware, viruses, users deleting icons and files, etc. It was almost a full-time job for one of our staff members.

We tried to use Windows Group Policies to lock the computers down, but it didn't work very well. We discovered Faronics Deep Freeze after speaking with a neighboring training center. Since deploying Deep Freeze, things have been great! We were able to reduce our trouble calls on these computers by 90%. Downtime has become virtually zero – the only time we need to deal with those computers now is if there is a hardware problem. This leaves us free to focus on our strategic projects and support the 450 employees that we have.     
- Barbara Copas, CNA, IT Specialist, Montgomery County Dept. Job & Family Services Montgomery County, OH
I had heard about Faronics Deep Freeze being used by another county agency with great success. I needed a solution for our agency laptops as they were being used in an uncontrolled manner. Users were able to alter their laptop configurations and install unauthorized software, which resulted in the laptops deviating away from their standard configurations. We had to recall the laptops on a regular basis to check them, make any required updates, and sometime re-image them when the damage was too great.

Now that Faronics Deep Freeze is installed on the laptops, our IT support team does not need to worry about them. Laptops are only brought in to make regular and quick anti-virus definition updates and install software patches. The fact that these laptops only need to come in every 90 days has made life easier for both the users and the IT support team.     
- Marcos Martinez, Systems Engineer, Stanislaus County, CA
Portsmouth Police Department has a number of multi-user machines in addition to the law-enforcement critical computers that are placed in all of our police cars. Before we started using Faronics Deep Freeze, our computers constantly required service due to users modifying the system settings and installing unauthorized software. In fact, we were making daily service visits to our multi-user machines just to keep them running. One of our network administrators had heard about a software solution that the city's public libraries were using to keep their computers consistent and trouble-free. After seeing Faronics Deep Freeze in action there, we knew this was the solution we need at the Portsmouth Police Department.

Now that we have Faronics Deep Freeze installed, if we have one ticket a week for those multi-user computers, it's a 'busy' week. Problems with workstation configuration drift are now non-existent. Deep Freeze has saved us 20 to 25 hours per week in IT support time required for those machines.     
- Officer Scott White, Portsmouth Police Department, Technical Services Unit, Portsmouth, VA
We used to encounter a number of computer problems in our day-to-day operations here at the San Diego Housing Commission. We took a look at Faronics Deep Freeze after our contracted IT support provider recommended it to us. Once we saw how Deep Freeze worked, we knew it was exactly what we needed. It took care of all the issues we were dealing with on our computers: unauthorized downloads, changes to desktop settings, and programs and printer access being deleted. Now we use Deep Freeze on all of our public access computers, as well as the staff workstations located at the Learning Opportunity Centers. The majority of our public access computer users are youth in after school programming, which includes homework assistance. Having Deep Freeze on the workstations means they can get to work on their studies faster and not have to deal with computer troubles.     
- Jackie Harris, Resource Development, San Diego Housing Commission, San Diego, CA
I was looking for a solution to put on student computers to deal with users constantly installing unapproved software. The IT Support team was tired of wiping and reinstalling three to six hard drives per week, which resulted in roughly four PC's per week being out of commission.
Plus, it was consuming about 24 hours per week of IT support time that could be better used elsewhere. Initially we tried to get the instructors to monitor the students to catch the offenders, but it was too time-consuming and wasn't very successful. We discovered Faronics Deep Freeze and after installing it in our labs, things have been great!
We no longer have to spend two to three days per week in one computer lab just dealing with corrupted PCs. In fact, we have not had a single problem with our labs for over three months. Gone are the days where we would need to reload all 20 PCs in an open student computer lab at least once a month. Currently we have a lab that is used in the daytime by classes and is open to public-use in the evening. I have not had a work order nor have I had to rebuild a hard drive in this lab for the past 4 months.     
- Robin N. Faut, Computer Systems Analyst, Excelsior Springs Job Corps Center, Excelsior Springs, MO
We have been using Faronics Deep Freeze since 2003, even before I joined Bracknell Forest Council. It is installed in all of our public access computers in our nine library branches in conjunction with Sophos Anti-Virus. It has saved us from having to deal with users changing system settings, and acts as our last line of defense against viruses.
One thing we do here on our computers is run a number of different scripts that alter the workstation settings and configuration, depending on the user. This allows us to quickly tailor the workstation for a user group's purpose. Having Deep Freeze on the computer allows these changes to exist only for that one session, along with the temporary files and randomly saved documents created by the user or downloaded from the Internet. The next user gets a clean and standardized workstation to use.

We use Norton Ghost to image new computers, or re-image computers that have had a hard drive failure. What Deep Freeze does though is eliminate software damage on our workstations so we do not have to constantly re-image computers to return them to a working state. Now only hardware faults or a Windows specific fault knocks a computer out.

Having Deep Freeze on our library computers means that I also have enterprise control of these systems. The Deep Freeze Enterprise Console enables me to remotely reboot a computer, which when used with our public access system Sunrise and Real VNC, means I rarely need to go out to a library branch or ask staff to intervene when a fault occurs. I can simply use the Deep Freeze Enterprise Console to select a computer and remotely shut it down, reboot it, Thaw it or Freeze it. Resetting computers back to their baseline configuration via Deep Freeze clears up 90% of our public computer problems.     
- Richard Howse, Library Systems Officer, Bracknell Forest Council, Berkshire, UK
We first discovered Deep Freeze after doing some web searches and from it being recommended by other libraries for the purpose of locking down a computer. Now we use Deep Freeze on all of our public access computers at our libraries, as well as on selected laptops that access the Internet but are not connected to our domain and patch and anti-virus servers. Prior to Deep Freeze we had many instances of computers becoming corrupted. The resulting downtime ranged from an hour to an entire day. Problems like these were only resolved when a technician visited the computer, and often times it required them to reload the entire system.

Having Deep Freeze on our computers has solved the problem of 'tinkerers of the world' changing settings and files on our public computers.
Downloaded programs, malware and pop-ups are virtually a thing of the past. Anytime there is a computer problem we have the library staff reboot the machine to see if returning it to the baseline configuration helps. For the most part, it does. We still have to visit library branches, but I am sure we have been able to cut our visits to less than ¼ of our previous trips.     
- Mike Pace, Information Systems, Davis County Government, Davis County, UT
We were researching best practices that libraries were using to secure their computers while still allowing patrons to enjoy the freedom of an open PC. One library discussed their experience with Faronics Deep Freeze, and spoke very highly about how Deep Freeze reduced their IT support requests by enabling their techs to easily secure their computers without locking patrons out of the computer. Now we use Deep Freeze on all of our public access computers. Whenever there is a computer issue, our library staff reboot the computer and it is instantly reset back to its original state. Prior to Deep Freeze we continuously spent time trying to lockdown the PCs, or if needed rebuilding the PC once a patron had compromised the setup. Often the lockdown prevented patrons from performing legitimate tasks which meant we would have to decide whether to allow or not allow the functionality.

Faronics Deep Freeze has allowed faster support for patrons as librarians can reboot any of Tigard Public Library's 80 public access computers when any problem arises. Not having to have technical staff on site to troubleshoot or place machines out of order has saved time for staff and given patrons a better experience, especially during evenings and weekends when all the machines are being used.     
- Louis Sears, IT Manager, City of Tigard, Tigard, OR

New Castle County has deployed Faronics Deep Freeze on 300 workstations in our 13 public libraries. Before we had installed Deep Freeze, the library PC's were not locked down and the patrons could change settings and install their own applications. This created a lot of chaos on our public-access computers. We had to reimage the computers every night or during the day sometimes when the computers were badly damaged. This was a time consuming process.

After a Google search, I came across Faronics' system consistency solution. I also discovered Faronics Anti-Executable, which we are using to prevent users from installing or running unwanted programs on our library computers. Having the PC’s Frozen with Deep Freeze and locked down with Anti Executable has provided us with peace of mind. We no longer have to deal with issues arising from computers being tampered with. If one of our workstations does happen to become non-functional due to a virus or corrupted software setting, we just reboot the PC to restore it to its original working state. Faronics' Deep Freeze solution has definitely saved us a lot of IT support man hours.     
- Steve Andrews, Network Systems Analyst, New Castle County, New Castle, DE
Chandler Public Library has been a Faronics customer for more than five years. We use Faronics Deep Freeze on all of our public-access computers, including library catalog computers. Before using Deep Freeze we had limited security in place on these machines. Our main problem was with users changing the system settings, adding and removing icons, changing the wallpaper, etc. We also had issues with users installing third-party software and downloading applications from the Internet.

Fixing these problems was a daily issue, and although most problems were fixed by manually cleaning up the 'vandalism'. Periodically though it was necessary to rebuild a machine. Unfortunately this was long enough ago that we didn't have the software tools to re-image the machines, which meant we had to reinstall everything on the computer from scratch.

Faronics Deep Freeze has solved all these problems. Over time we grown and added more computers to our library, as well as increased the number of branches, computers labs, and services we offer. Our IT support staff has not increased enough to visit every site daily, which is why having Deep Freeze installed on these computers is so important. Without Faronics Deep Freeze, we would definitely have a significant number of our 250 PCs down for days at a time. Not only has Deep Freeze virtually eliminated the software issues that previously generated at least 25% of all IT support calls, we now can use the Enterprise Console to remotely correct most of the problems that do occur. This saves us a significant amount of travel time. Faronics Deep Freeze has allowed us to spend less time on rebuilding computers, and more time on refining our images and providing better service to our patrons.     
- Dan Lee, Assistant Library Manager (Systems Librarian), Chandler Public Library Chandler, AZ
We initially heard about Faronics Deep Freeze from a trade publication. Lyon Real Estate has it installed on all our computer workstations that are used by contract agents. The IT support team was tired of dealing with viruses, system settings changes, unnecessary programs being installed, operating system crashes, print queue lockups, etcetera-sometimes it took up to two hours of remote access or on-site visits just to solve an issue.

Now that we have Deep Freeze installed, we no longer have to deal with these problems which has saved us countless hours. The fact that the computers are now Frozen has helped mitigate virus threats and the need to have the latest virus definition files on our systems. Computers damaged by agents installing personal software or browsing unfriendly sites are restored with just a reboot.     
- Michael Hava, Director, Information Technology, Lyon Real Estate, Sacramento, CA
InSightec developed ExAblate© 2000-a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) system that provides non-invasive treatment for patients. We use Faronics Deep Freeze on the PC controlling ExAblate© 2000 at our customer sites to ensure the mission-critical system is kept running at all times.

There were cases before where the hard disk data would become damaged due to 'dirty' shutdowns, user misconfiguration, power loss, etc. It lead to treatment cancellations until the hard disk software was restored. Deep Freeze solved this problem by protecting the data integrity of the computer. Deep Freeze's flexibility even allowed our Insightec service group to write special scripts for it that we use for deployment purposes.     
- Rachel Hershko, Software Engineer, Insightec
Faronics Deep Freeze was key to our success at Adobe MAX 2008 in San Francisco. MAX is Adobe's annual conference that connects thousands of designers, developers, partners, executives, and Adobe staff for education, inspiration, and community. Adobe needed a way to ensure the training session Mac computers would be resistant to changes made by users. We also needed a way to quickly return the Mac computers to their baseline configuration when readying the workstations for the next group. A colleague of mine at Adobe was an Apple Genius and she mentioned that Deep Freeze was the way to go. Faronics Deep Freeze was exactly what we were looking for, and met both the requirements listed above. Now we are able to give users in our training centers full administrative rights on the workstations without any worry that permanent damage will take place. Once they are done their session, we reset all the training center machines at the same time via Apple Remote Desktop. Faronics Deep Freeze has saved us a lot of time - thanks Faronics!     
- Mitchel Kleinrock, Lead Macintosh Support Engineer, Adobe Systems Incorporated
We use Microsoft Windows XP in our embedded PCs for Wireless Carrier Drive Test equipment. This equipment places voice and data card calls on the wireless system and benchmarks the performance of the various wireless carriers (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc.) against each other. The embedded computers were becoming infected with viruses from downloading data files over the wireless network. We had been dealing with the problem by re-imaging the hard drives on the embedded PCs, but this was causing a significant amount of downtime and effort while servicing a population of roughly 2000 embedded PCs in the field. We contracted an IT firm, Madison Avenue Consulting located in Corona, CA to look for a solution. Madison Avenue Consulting suggested Faronics Deep Freeze for our embedded PCs. A particular session of the PC could become infected; however powering the PC off and on to clear the infection greatly reduced the returns and rework. In roughly two quarters of our operations we were able to take embedded PC return and repair failure rates of 2.5% monthly to under 0.6% monthly. Faronics Deep Freeze's contribution to eliminating operating system corruption failures definitely made a positive impact.     
- Scott Griffith, Vice President, Engineering, ASCOM Inc.
We needed a robust PC management system for our patron workstations, which is why we chose Faronics Deep Freeze to protect our 700+ public computers. This solution will save our staff time with upgrades and troubleshooting problems while ensuring that our patrons have consistent access to the resources they rely upon. Averaging 80,000 public computer sessions a month, we believe cutting downtime to zero is critical to our success as a library. Amerikit, the Faronics partner we purchased Deep Freeze from, has helped us with a smooth transition from our old product. Both Faronics and Amerikit have been great companies to work with.     
- Tricia Racke Bengel, Technical Services Administrator, Nashville Public Library
With a public cyber café and game center like ours, I have no idea how we ever operated without Faronics Deep Freeze. I used to spend upwards of 20 hours a week troubleshooting and cleaning systems. Now it’s more like 1 or 2. It actually freed me up to do more with the business. I’m not exaggerating when I say that without Deep Freeze I probably would not have been promoted to General Manager. I would still be bogged down with ridiculous maintenance tasks.     
- Josh Lee, Net Heads Internet Cafe and Game Center
First National Bank and Trust uses Faronics Deep Freeze on our Internet café computers that are used by the public. Before using Deep Freeze, public users would come in and download programs, modify settings, etc. The computers would crash and then we would have to rebuild them.
Now that we have installed Deep Freeze on these machines, we no longer have to worry about them. It has saved us a decent amount of time since we have a total of 11 locations, each with two or more public-access computers. In fact, we plan on implementing Deep Freeze on our staff workstations during the year as well.”
- First National Bank & Trust
We have come to rely on Faronics Deep Freeze. We recently became infected with the Conficker virus, and while many school districts around us took weeks to recover we managed to clean five schools in less than one week. Our only infected machines were the ones that did not have Deep Freeze installed and the latest system updates applied. Faronics’ technical support team was also very quick to respond to my ticket and was spot on with their diagnosis. I recommend your company to my peers on a routine basis.     
- Rutland South Supervisory Union, North Clarendon, VT
Generally our users need the freedom to make whatever changes to a PC they like.  However we do have some critical PCs which must work everyday in exactly the same way.  This is where deepfreeze is most useful.  In the past some certain administration computers would constantly produce errors and problems, usually user induced up to about 7 calls to our helpdesk a week.  Once Deepfreeze was installed this was reduced to about 1 per month which saved us so much time.
- National Oceaography Centre - University of Southampton - UK
Deep Freeze has worked very well on all our computer systems it just makes it easier for all our gamers to boot up the pc and not have to worry about viruses and other malware. It makes our customers and staff alot happier. Thanks to the Deepfreeze team.
- Knightmare Gaming - Australia
As we are a college for international students  with a large number of workstations, there are many associated issues in control, maintenance and monitoring. Deep Freeze saves substantially in maintenance time required in that it overcomes the need for us having to take copies of all computers, it allows us to schedule updates and every time a computer is started, it retains its original image. We also now have total control of our computers during class sessions.
- Queensland International Business Academy
Absolutely bloody brilliant software, it's got the students miffed and I love it.  Had it running only 1 day and haven't looked back!!!!
- St Michael's Grammar School, VIC, Australia
For the record, you guys are one of the few companies that I enjoy doing business with. You are responsive to your customers, have a great product [Deep Freeze] and have never let me down!     
- Roger Linhart, User Services Manager, Southern Oregon University
Faronics is our absolute favorite software company, not only for what Deep Freeze does, but for the pricing we get and the service we get. Other software companies should use Faronics as a model.     
- Lauren R. DuBois, Director of Computer Services, University of Maine at Augusta
Deep Freeze works spectacularly in our library. We can't imagine how we would manage without it.     
- Kathy Harrison, Systems Manager, Norwell Public Library
Faronics' technical support is great -- I always get a quick response. Deep Freeze is by far the best software the school owns, and you can quote me on that.     
- Trenia Sanford, Technology Director, Lowell Whiteman School
We used the Return on Investment gained from using Deep Freeze to buy more computers.     
- Jeremy Scott, Valdosta State University
The reduction in maintenance time has provided the opportunity for involvement in other projects within the department to improve aspects of the service and provide additional facilities. Machines are now only re-imaged to upgrade or add software as required.     
- Noel Wilson, University of Ulster
I can walk in and out of a lab in less than an hour. I even use the Server Service Manager to control my Deep Freeze deployments in multiple facilities from one central location.     
- Keith Sherk, Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board 
Today, the IT staff at Roger Williams University has a single full-time staff member who takes care of most of the Academic Lab PCs and Macs — almost 400 machines. Mr. Platt says this is possible because they have so little downtime now, thanks to Deep Freeze.     
- Roger Williams University
Prior to deploying Deep Freeze the staff was so busy with reloading software it took them weeks to get to hardware issues. The IT staff said the biggest difference of having Deep Freeze deployed is the amount of time it has saved them. They no longer have to spend the majority of their time in the labs working on issues.     
- Susan Lindsay, Safford Unified School District
Thanks to Faronics Deep Freeze, we’ve been able to more effectively allocate time for our IT teams.
We’re saving hours everyday that would have been used to reinstall and uninstall software on the hundreds of computers our department maintains.
- Steven Zink University of Nevada, Reno
I am an IT administrator and I have been using Deep Freeze for about a month now. I'm in a school environment. It's amazing how Deep Freeze can restore a PC to its original state with just a restart. Imagine what a responsible kindergarten would do to PC using a browser window and assure yourself that you can undo that in a snap!
- Aoba-Japan International School, Tokyo, Japan
We have used deep freeze for one of our client's internet cafe. Totally amazing product. Basically eliminated the need for support or maintenance. Great value too.
- Orion IT, Tamworth, Australia
WBV's purchased deepfreeze for installation on all it's training computers.  It has saved time in maintenance and allows students to fully utilise the systems without the IT department worrying about changes made to settings etc.  It also gives freedom to outside trainers who need to install their own software for training purposes.  Fantastic!
- Wide Bay Volunteers, Queensland, Australia
Deep Freeze has made our network management of lab and classroom computers so much easier. We can keep the students and teachers happy by giving them access to everything which allows them to practice their skills so much more easily than some other lock down software used in the past. And the best part - when they log off what ever damage they thought they may have inflicted is all gone!  I have also had quite a bit of contact with DF support in the US and Aussie in the past year and that has been awesome - immediate helpful responses.
- Darfield High School, New Zealand
The program has saved time in maintenance of computers and I am very pleased with it. We have found that this program has been very successful for our needs and the response from the clients that access our machines has been very good.     
- University of Queensland, Moreton Bay Research Station, Queensland, Australia
A most excellent product - easy to use and set up - very effective.     
- Hunter Institute of Technology, NSW, Australia
Deep Freeze is amazing. UTS computers are now running at 100% capacity and we have confidence all PCs are in a pristine condition upon every reboot. Deep Freeze has also reduced illegal software from being installed on the computers by students. I highly recommend the programme for multi-user environments     
 - University of Technology, Sydney NSW, Australia
Deep Freeze is the best thing since sliced bread. The programme has contributed to a significant reduction of support time and maintenance. All the machines are working perfectly and we are able to focus on other areas of the department     
- Ferny Grove State High School Qld, Australia

We installed Deep Freeze to reduce the amount of time and money spent on support. As a result of Deep Freeze, we can now give the students full administrative access. The programme is awesome. The teachers and students also think it's fantastic, so everyone is happy     
- Chisholm Institute of TAFE VIC, Australia
Deep Freeze has reduced our support time by around 50% and our staff now have the opportunity to spend their time on other tasks. The time it takes to build programmes has also been reduced because we do not have to worry about protection and registry entries. It is an excellent programme.     
 - University of Canberra ACT, Australia
You may not be aware, but public libraries offer internet (and other services like word processing) to the public. As you can imagine the kids (and adults!) love to get in and tweak settings and change things which used to drive us crazy (although we did have a hardware product that offered some protection from sticky fingers!!). The Deep Freeze product is just so much easier to set up and manage. And, we have found that once it is installed and running we don't have to keep revisiting PC's to fix up problems that used to creep through with the hardware solution. Kids love to try and "break" the software on the PC's but with Deep Freeze its just a case of a reboot and the original settings are restored.      
- Town of Walkerville-Swap Library Network, Australia
I was just saying the other day how much I loved Deep Freeze. Our library has public access machines that we were managing by having zenworks images loaded onto them when they became unusable, which was almost a weekly event, taking about 2 hours of IT time. Since installing deep freeze we have had no call outs and not spent one minute of maintenance time there. Even the technologically challenged librarians can power down and power up a PC, all problems solved.     
- Mount Barker District Council, Australia
With support for MS Update Servers the Maintenance window updating makes the job a lot easier. The rescheduled starts help too. Excellent Software!      
- Lavalla Catholic College, Australia
An outstanding product that has dramatically changed the freedom and flexibility students enjoy in their learning.    
 - Pine Rivers State High School, Australia
This was one of the wisest investments I have made as a library manager - it has saved us a great deal of time and effort on a daily basis, and gives us an added level of security. We use it on our public access pc's - and think it's fantastic.     
- Dalby Wambo Library Board, Australia
The product has saved me countless hours of time and hassle. I love it.
;- Isis Shire Council, Australia
DF Pro is downloading as I write this. DeepFreeze has saved us countless hours of hassles. Wonderful product.
- Warwick State High School (QLD), Australia
U3A computers are used mainly by rank beginners - and ageing ones at that (many are in their 70's and 80's). They are thrashed for six hours per day, five days per week, forty weeks per year. I have had almost a full-time job trying to keep all of them functioning, even with a number of restrictions that I introduced to minimise downtime through user error. Since installing Deep Freeze, the only maintenance that I have had to do is with hardware. There has been absolutely no software problem. This means that I am a very happy user who recommends Deep Freeze to anyone who cares to listen. It follows that I rate all aspects of the purchase, installation and operation process highly, and I am appreciative of the number of times that responses were personal and quick.      
- University of 3rd Age, Australia
We found the product to be exactly what we needed and found actually obtaining this product very easy and fuss free - No waiting for a courier.      
- The Parramatta College, Australia
Great product for a student lab environment. Has greatly reduced software support caused by user fiddling.    
 - Australian National University, Australia
Deep Freeze has made our life much easier since the protection it provides for our public access PCs is total. Users are grateful for "clean" PC desktops and staff time has been significantly saved.     
- Corporation of the Town of Gawler, Australia
DeepFreeze is a great product! Definitely the best software release for schools since Ghost! Our school network runs DeepFreeze on all classroom machines allowing us to set up labs for a term, basically reducing software maintenance to zero. Now with the Enterprise version we'll be able to deliver Netware snapshots of software to workgroups without leaving the office to thaw and re-freeze the lab PCs. I can confidently recommend this software to any school who wishes to significantly minimise their PC lab administration.     
- Christian Outreach College Brisbane, Australia
We installed it on our machines and the admin maintenance time has dropped dramatically. This is as far as I am concerned a good product well worth the money I paid for it. It proved easy to install, we tested about 5 different products including some hardware solutions but found this to be the best.      
- Hunter Valley Grammar School - NSW, Australia
Deep Freeze makes my network admin job a lot easier as i spend far less time reimaging machines that students have totally messed up. Also i find many of our students are now not bothering to alter a machines settings as all there fiddling is gone with a restart. Great utility and clever students have not hacked it yet, hope they never do!      
- Lindisfarne Anglican School, NSW, Australia
Absolutely fabulous. Not a problem in the world. This will certainly help to prevent the file deletion and setting changes problems we were having.     
 - Coleraine Primary School 2118, Australia
An excellent piece of software which has certainly helped in maintenance of workstations (Internet Cafe)     
- Youth Hostel Association, Australia
I would like to firstly congratulate you on a great product in deep freeze....we use it every day in the library and find no problems
 -   University of Southern Queensland
We have installed an amazing piece of software called Deep Freeze by Faronics Corporation. Once installed on a machine, Deep Freeze will keep anyone from harming the system. When a machine is "Frozen", it can't be permanently altered in any way. Any change that's made will disappear upon a reboot. These changes include deleting files, creating files, changing system settings, messing the system up to the point of it being non-responsive, etc. To make any changes to the system settings or software, the machine must be "Thawed". Deep Freeze has been 100% effective for us. Once upon a time our patrons would wreak havoc on our public-access computers which would result in hours of tech support to repair desktops and to delete unmentionable stuff from workstations. Now, no matter what anyone does, it all goes away with a restart, even a hard reboot. It's a beautiful thing.
- Eli Anthony, Library Technician, Taylor County Public Library
Ever since we installed Deep Freeze, our trouble calls have dropped by 90%.
I joined the beta program for Deep Freeze Enterprise, and was thrilled that I could now Freeze and Thaw my Deep Freeze machines from a central console. With over one thousand computers, enterprise control was crucial to us. We didn’t want to have to touch each machine every time we needed to perform a system update. The beta of Deep Freeze Enterprise went extremely well, and although we did evaluate some competing products—such as Fortres Clean Slate—we were so impressed by Deep Freeze Enterprise that we quickly purchased the full version when it became available. We’ve been Deep Freeze users ever since. 
- Paul Glenn, Student Lab System Administrator, University of Kentucky
We needed a way to lockdown inmate computers at Yakima County jail. After some research, we decided to try Deep Freeze. In the low security area of the jail, inmates are allowed to use the computer workstations until lights out--which leaves them plenty of time to hack a machine. Since using Deep Freeze, we have not had a single breach in any of the protected computers in over two years. Deep Freeze easy to work with, easy to administer, and fairly priced. - Don Hagerman, Technology Services, Yakima County, WA
We originally purchased Deep Freeze to use on twelve public records search machines in our County Clerks offices. These workstations are heavily used and we needed to ensure that the one application that the machines are in place for remained operational at all times. Deep Freeze made this a reality, and gave us complete peace of mind that a reboot would fix anything any user may have done to disrupt operations. We then deployed Deep Freeze on all of County of Cape May’s Police Academy student laptops. These laptops are used by every class which goes through the academy for training, and the trainees needed to be able to save documents to the computer and have them retained across reboots. Deep Freeze allowed us to easily leave the My Documents folder unlocked for the trainees to save their work in. Upon a class completion, getting the laptops ready for the next class was simply a matter of clearing out the My Documents folder. The laptops always came back to us in perfect condition, since anything the trainees did to the laptops was remedied once the laptop was rebooted. Deep Freeze is a great product--one that we would not be able to manage our computers without! The amount of IT staff time to keep these training laptops and public-access stations up and running has been cut from several calls a week to no calls in over a year.  - Kenneth J. Haught, Network Engineer, Management Information Services County of Cape May
Deep Freeze Enterprise has been a valuable asset at the Preston Manor City Learning Centre for a good few years now. I undertake the administration of a growing client/server network which provides users with access to leading edge technology. We have a large user base, accommodating schools, colleges, universities, community groups, and even training suite facilities to private companies. Yes, a lot of administration is required looking after a sizable network of PC/Mac OSX clients & servers, but when I discovered DF I just had to get a copy. It does exactly what it claims and I often forget that it is there. It`s silent & effective, and it has saved me valuable time to do other things - it has become part of my ZAK (Zero Administration Kit) - I even use it remotely from the comfort of my home.

Just `set it and forget it` - I certainly haven`t looked back since. I will continue to use Faronics software across the network - many thanks guys!     
 - Bipin Bhana, Preston Manor City Learning Centre, Middlesex
I have had teachers near retirement tell me they were ready to call it quits because of erratic and inconsistent computer software. Not until after last summer when Deep Freeze was installed did they finally remember why they liked to teach. Computer issues sometimes used as much as 20 minutes of a teacher’s 45 minute period before Deep Freeze was deployed.      
- Chuck Taylor, San Juan Unified School District, CA
When I worked at the local college we got Deep Freeze in one of our labs as a trial. We liked it so much, every student machine with in a year had Deep Freeze on it. When I took a job as the IT Director at the local High School District, my FIRST purchase was to get Deep Freeze on all the student PCs. The work load as soon as I finished installing it dropped by 75% on the student PCs. And now that we have moved up to the Enterprise version, it makes doing what we have to do in the labs so much faster and easier. One click and I can thaw or unfreeze an entire lab now.     
- Rusty Morse, Colorado River Union High School District #2, AZ
I've always found Deep Freeze Mac to be a stable and solid program that is invaluable in a lab environment. I was pleased to see that it no longer requires the root account to be enabled for installation and administration. Overall it seems to be more Mac-like which allows much easier installation/configuration. However, the remote administration through ARD is probably the most useful new feature. I can handle difficult installations as long as the product is easy to manage. Thankfully, both the installation and administration have been greatly simplified. Much thanks to the development team for improving an already excellent product.     
- Stephen Faucette, Bob Jones University, SC
I have worked at a public middle school and high school; I got to see your product (Deep Freeze) in action, which worked great in the public school system, where I was an Intern. I am now a Technology Director for Solid Rock Ministries, Inc. We run a private school for kids that struggle in a normal school environment. These kids tinker with every setting under the sun, I have faith knowing all I have to do is restart the computer and its back up and going in no time flat. If we did not have your product in the school we would require more staff to fix and repair careless mistakes and my service calls would be more then I can handle. I have never seen a product work so well in a school environment; you got my business for life.     
- Bradley Parsons, Solid Rock Ministries, IN
Here at Tekserve, New York City's Old Reliable Mac Service Shop, we've explored most every available option for securing our publicly accessible machines. All competing products, including our own hand-crafted solutions, fell by the wayside when we discovered Faronics at Macworld 2006. Deep Freeze Mac with ARD Integration immediately became an invaluable tool for managing our high-traffic demo area. We soon found additional use for Deep Freeze Mac in a variety of special-purpose kiosks. And when Apple introduced BootCamp and the ability to run Windows on Macs, we were delighted to find that Faronics products could protect both platforms of our dual-boot systems with ease.     
 - Brandon White, System Administrator, Tekserve, NYC
The day after downloading the evaluation copy of Deep Freeze Mac, I purchased your product. I was constantly reinstalling OS X on my computer so I could test on a clean system--with the time your tool has saved, it has already paid for itself. Thanks for making such a great product.      
- Patrick Clarke, FSCreations, Inc.
I have to tell you that your software has worked great for us. Our users are much happier, to judge by the lack of whining in the last year, and we have a much easier time managing our network. We know that if anything goes wrong or seems bizarre with the performance of a computer, all we have to do is reboot. Our teachers are very happy with that because it solves 99% of their problems on the spot. It also frees us (admins) from creating astringent use policies in our network because we know that students can tinker all they want, but every midnight the little polar bear does its magic and makes everything right again. We are very happy with Deep Freeze :)     
 - Carol Artacho Guerra, Lab Manager - Physics Department, University of Connecticut
I maintain a school network of around 200 machines of which the high school kids (and staff) have not managed to break ----- not even one! Before Deep Freeze I could not keep up with routine maintenance, let alone extend our tech capabilities. Now it's only the rare hardware failure which causes me to have to do much with our workstations. Your products are excellent, and easy to use. They have increased my productivity remarkably! I'm a real fan ---- and cannot say I've been so impressed with any other software package I use!     
- Joe Augsburger, Days Creek Charter School, Oregon
I must say I am very happy with the performance of your Deep Freeze application. As you may know about six months ago we sold and installed the Deep Freeze solution at Liberty City Charter School in Miami Florida. Since then they have had a reduction in 80% of service calls for their student workstations, allowing more time for other development opportunities. We also installed two licenses for a Ramada Inn Ft Lauderdale business center, no more PC problems with that area either. Is it possible that the Deep Freeze solution is better than an antivirus solution, could that be?     
- A Very Satisfied Reseller (Troy Bernier, Silicon Beach Group)
Most people only respond when they are unhappy with a particular product. I thought I would take the time and say thank you for such wonderful software such as Deep Freeze Enterprise. I have been using the software for about a year and a half now and on the one hundred something computers it is installed on, not one has a single virus or spyware problem. Thank you for all the time you have saved me.      
- Daniel Harrison, Williamson County Library, TN
We have been using Deep Freeze on our student computers in our various labs for 3-4 years or so and it is bulletproof!! No cards to add to the system, no special hoops to jump through - just setup the machines the way you want them and then freeze them - that‘s it period. Every restart is a clean, fresh machine and it is impossible to mess them up. Since our labs are open 24 / 7, we have the computers configured to restart at 4am (there are signs on all the computers to alert the students) - users can not stop this reboot - when the machine completes the reboot it is unfrozen for one hour so we can push updates (OS and AntiVirus) - during this time a message is displayed on the monitor saying the computer is unavailable and it also disables the keyboard and mouse. At 5am the computer restarts and it is good to go.

Prior to discovering Deep Freeze the computer labs were a nightmare and typically had to be re-ghosted every couple of months. Now we can make it a year without touching the computers. It has been a life saver!

Anti-Executable is a new product for us and is proving just as good as the original product Deep Freeze. We are now testing Anti-Executable on select faculty and staff computers. In the next month or so we will be deploying it to all School-owned computers (within the School of Architecture). Once the machine is setup and you turn on Anti-Executable, it scans the system and then the computer is protected. Nothing can be installed or run if it is not already on the computer. Need to install new software? Turn off the protection, install the software, turn it back on and once again you are protected.

In the last 4 years or so we have had a couple of times where we needed support for an issue and you were fantastic! We usually had a reply within a few hours and never more than 24 hours. Developers actually worked with us on the issues and stayed with us until the problem was resolved, unlike most companies who just have support people in the front office replying to emails.

I have and use a lot of hardware and software vendors at this school but there are only two companies I ever recommend - Dell & Faronics.      
- Tim Barnett, University of South Florida, School of Architecture
I had problem with Deep Freeze Enterprise yesterday and phoned your 1-800 tech support. The phone was answered in a timely manner by David. In all the years of dealing with computers and technical support, I have never had such thorough, thoughtful, and helpful aid in dealing with a computer problem. David went far beyond what I expected, by helping me solve my problem and educating me as to the new features of the program. Thanks again!     
- Paul Porter, School District 73, Kamloops, BC
Deep Freeze proved to be a real lifesaver in the past when working with Prairieland School Division and now at the library here in Camrose. Keep up the good work.      
- John Meier, Computer and Network Systems Administrator, City of Camrose
I am the Puppet Master!!! From my desk I can make them all turn off... I can make them turn on... I can make them Freeze... I can make them Thaw... THEY ALL DO MY BIDDING AT THE CLICK OF MY MOUSE!!!

(insert meglomaniacal laughter here, heavy on the reverb)

OK... I'm starting to get DF REALLY deployed in my facilities now. WOW! This is heaven! I will soon very nearly realize every IT Support Professional's goal of never having to leave the office! :-)      
- Romeyn Prescott, SUNY Potsdam, New York
I have to congratulate your crew over there on such an intuitive and powerful support tool. DF Enterprise compliments our imaging software completely. In 25 years of data maintenance, I have now seen it all! Re-imaging a lab is now a dream and not a chore! Having the ability to remotely wipe a machine clean means that our students can be ensured of a standardised desktop every time they log on.      
- Camosun College, Victoria, BC
I am the IT Manager for a healthcare provider, with approximately 150 computer users. Our network includes about 100 thin clients that connect to Windows Terminal Servers. I installed Deep Freeze on our Terminal Servers a few weeks ago. The product was very easy to install and use. I have already noticed a dramatic difference in the amount of maintenance required on these systems. Previously a spyware infection caused by software downloads could render one or more servers inaccessible for hours (or even days) while malicious software was removed. Now a simple restart solves the problem, causing minimal interruptions to our business. I would highly recommend this product to other IT departments looking for an easy-to-use solution for maintaining their terminal servers.     
 - Jen Blackledge, The Center, Orthopaedic & Neurosurgical Care & Research, OR
What a fantastic product Deep Freeze is. It is the only software product I know of which you can set it and forget it. I provide support for over 450 computers on three school sites in a one person technology department. There is no way I could do this without Deep Freeze. The Windows boxes were a nightmare and the Apples weren't much better before Deep Freeze. During winter break I went room to room to do software updates on about 75 classroom computers. Every single machine was exactly the same, without exception, as when I set them up at the end of summer break. If you provide support for classroom or lab computers and are undecided about this product, don't wait any longer. You will never be sorry you started using Deep Freeze.     
 - David Park, King City Union School District, King City, CA
I have configured my computer to use it with Deep Freeze and even my program files folder is on a different partition, it really gives me the flexibility I need and I haven't used any antivirus or even a firewall for a year, so I get an even better performance from my machine (768MB of RAM free to use). I really feel more people should use it but don't even know it.    
 - Jose Luis Noriega Gutierrez, DF, Mexico
Hey!!! I tried Deep Freeze on my PC (with Win XP, etc.) and it works OK!!! This is the first time that I found a real solution against trojans, spyware, etc. Your product is amazing. I recommend it to all of my friends and clients.     
 - Pablo A. Pacini, Argentina
When I first started in my position, we were using another product to "protect" our 150 public lab and classroom PCs. Too bad that even the most unsophisticated user could figure out how to hack it, and I was spending hours each week reimaging machines all over campus. In the summer of 2002, one of my interns recommended Deep Freeze and after downloading the trial version and testing it, we purchased a license and rolled it out that fall. In the more than two years since, I have yet to reimage a machine because somebody hacked it. I highly recommend Deep Freeze to everyone!     
- Matt Linngren, Student Computing Manager, Augsburg College, Minnesota
Keep up the good work on your product. I still have not seen anything better than Deep Freeze. Please feel free to use my comments. If I gave my full testimonial, it would fill an entire website. Thanks again for making my job so much easier.    
 - Michael Smith, Rootstown Local School District, Ohio
Our library‘s internet computers run Windows XP Professional and despite the abundance of security features available thru the Microsoft Management Console or MMC, not one feature could prevent or automatically undo documents saved to the desktop or in the My Documents folder. I consulted with computing colleagues and visited various online forums but none of them offered a means to protect the desktop or hard drive from patrons saving their resumes, essays etc. to our computers.

Once I tried Deep Freeze, I was sold. The gracious 60 day evaluation was not necessary for me to make a decision. The program did precisely what I was looking for and did so without the need for multiple items being checked off first. Deep Freeze is a cinch to install, effortless to use program that returns a workstation to the exact configuration I‘ve set upon restart... no matter who has used it! My first thought was why couldn‘t Microsoft have done this? My second thought was that I‘m glad Faronics did. Deep Freeze is an excellent program and I couldn‘t be happier with it.      
- J. Williams, Technology Manager, Stickney-Forest View Public Library District, Stickney, I
Deep Freeze is working wonderfully! Now I don't have to "police" our computers all the time for "junk" saved on it by our students.      
- Ohio University, OH
Everything is going great. Love Deep Freeze! Absolutely love it. I have no complaints.     
- University of Virginia, VA
The product is working great. Wish we had it years ago.      
- Hennepin Technical College, MN
Deep Freeze is absolutely wonderful. We have experienced ZERO problems. Your product is one of the few that lives up to the advertising. I love your product.      
- Southside Virginia Community College, VA
The program is working great. It certainly has eliminated downloads from the internet. Saving me time and headaches.     
- Ohio University, OH
So far we love it! Have loaded Deep Freeze on about 300 PCs and everything is working just great. It sure is saving us a ton of time! We just freeze them and forget them.     
- Danville Community College, VA
Very pleased with Deep Freeze. It's working perfectly and is just what we needed for our labs.     
- Hartwick College, NY
Deep Freeze is awesome. It has really reduced the amount of time I spend cleaning up our public machines that get inundated with downloads. I couldn't be more thrilled.     
- Southern Utah University
We evaluated Deep Freeze for Mac OSX along with the Windows version in May of this year. It took about a week for us to be sold on the product. Because Deep Freeze is so effective, we were finally able to deploy OSX in our schools for student use and know that the computer would be secured. I particularly like the flexibility that it adds to rights control within the OS by making control of the Execute right available to the administrator through the GUI.

The teachers love the fact that they know exactly what the user interface will look like on every computer when their student opens it up, and that no matter how badly a student rearranges things, they can put it all back the way it belongs just by logging out and in again.

I have spent less than ten percent of the time I did last year on any of my Mac labs, and the time I have spent has been exclusively on hardware and network issues.

The tech support we have received while dealing with a couple of early version issues stands out and far above that from any other software publisher I have ever worked with. Responses were immediate and personal, the contact person was knowledgeable, and I was made to feel as if my problems were important and my input was of value.

Overall, Deep Freeze is an unquestionable global success.     
- Richard Ribley, Site Technology Support Technician (Middle School), California
I think I see how Deep Freeze and FreezeX work together. Deep Freeze cleans all unauthorized files between reboots but won't stop say a keylogger from arriving and doing its thing during an online session before being killed at the next reboot. FreezeX disables all unauthorized files upon arrival - period. So between the two of them all malware is killed before doing any harm and all their bodies removed at each reboot. This puts it in a class by itself. I've not found anything else that works on the whitelist principle, which is a 100% solution. Everything else available works on the hit-or-miss blacklist principle, which is no solution at all.      
- Home User, Arkansas
Over the summer break I had time to really get into DeepFreeze Enterprise, and I just wanted to congratulate you and your team on creating the program. Remote Console is such a time saver, and is amazingly easy to use. Now when I need to make a change in our labs, I no longer have to type in the DF password 96 times - I can just select all the computers in Remote Console, and click one button to have them re-boot thawed, or frozen. This one feature has been like THE best Christmas present!      
- Grays Harbor College
I have found Deep Freeze to be one of the best tools at this district's disposal for ensuring the integrity and longevity of our student lab computers. Deep Freeze is simple to use, it is very difficult to compromise, and it is reasonably priced. Thanks for a great product!     
- Forest Area School District, Tionesta, PA
I'd like to express that I found Deep Freeze [Enterprise] very intuitive, simple to configure, and just as simple to administer.      
- Watkins Hamilton Ross Architects, Inc.
DF keeps things sane :-)     
- Fr. Gabriel Richard High School
I must say that your product has saved us a ton of time by not having to support the weird things that people do to their machines. Keep up the great work on this wonderful product!     
- Gene B. Glick Mgmnt Co Inc.
The superior quality of your software is shadowed only by the courtesy and professionalism of your staff.      
- Magtype Graphic Services
My experience with DeepFreeze Standard has been very positive. DeepFreeze helps me re-think how I use computers: I now sculpt an "ideal state" (to be Frozen), and prevent future computing problems with a reboot. Bravo!      
- Graphisoft U.S., Inc.
Deep Freeze is working awesome for us. We have had very little (if any) lab machine problems like we had before we purchased DeepFreeze. It is truly amazing...What is cool is if I see that a student has attempted to open a virus all we have to do is reboot and we are good to go...      
- Knox College
This product gets better with every new release. My thanx to all involved in the design and creation for this very useful product.     
- College of New Caledonia, BC
Well, we just got our Deep Freeze package thru BOCES (Thanks for partnering with them). Deep Freeze is fantastic. I don't think Kryptonite could get by Deep Freeze. I loaded Deep Freeze on a machine and told my son (21 yrs old) to go ahead and trash it. He ran 4 separate Hard Drive destruction/erase programs for a total of 4 1/2 hours. When we rebooted, it was as good as new. He was impressed...and impressing him, impresses me. Thanks again for your efforts.     
- Dover Union Free School District, NY
Excellent product supported by excellent service. Very much appreciated.      
- Focus IT Solutions Inc.
I MUST say that Deep Freeze is a FANTASTIC product. Frankly, in our computer club, we could NOT live without it. Thank you so much for developing and maintaining it. I am promoting Deep Freeze wherever I go.     
- Venture Out Electronics Club Lead Technician
Deep Freeze is working beautifully for us. In fact, it works so well that we tend to forget about it since we never have to touch those pcs! Thanks. It is not often that I work with software that does exactly what it promises.    
- University of Alabama, Huntsville
I am a computer technician with East Valley School District in Spokane, Washington. Last year we implemented DeepFreeze in our high school labs, just to test how well it would work. It worked wonders! Instead of re-imaging the labs every two weeks, we image the labs twice a year! So, this year, we implemented it across the rest of the district wherever a room has more than 6 computers. Some teachers like to do a lot of customization to their computers, some like to load illegal or unlicenced software on them, and some just continually break things; but now with DeepFreeze, the only thing we have to do is software installation. Since the implementation of DeepFreeze, we have had less need for technical support personnel, and we have spent less time trying to track down illegal software in case of an audit. Your software provides the greatest desktop solution without any drawbacks. Give your programmers a raise! Thank you!     
- East Valley School District No. 361, Spokane, WA
We had a planned to migrate almost all of our Macintosh computer labs on campus to Mac OS X, but we had one problem. There we're no providers of Mac OS X compatible desktop management software. Along came our premier provider of desktop management software for our Windows labs to the rescue, Deep Freeze. By chance I was at the Deep Freeze website and saw a link under FAQ's that said "Will there be a Deep Freeze MAC Version?". From there I contacted Faronics and we ended up beta testing the new Deep Freeze Mac OS X. We were so confident with beta phase II, we deployed it as a pilot on 120 wired and wireless Macintoshes for our fall 2003 startup. We were finally able to deploy lab images on iBooks, iMac G3s, iMac G4s and PowerMac G4s with Jaguar using Deep Freeze. Students are free to do what they like, and we just logout and login to undo the damage. Thank you.     
- Paradise Valley Community College
Frankly, it is the best decision we have made this year: to install Deep Freeze! We are delighted with your product, and have absolutely no problem with it at all. It quietly sits in the background and does its thing. Thanks for your great software.    
 - Howard Payne University
I have Deep Freeze loaded in the computer lab here in Ruidoso, NM and also on the computers in our lab on the Mescalero Apache Reservation. I can't be in Mescalero as often as I would like or need to be and having Deep Freeze on the systems is like having a lab assistant there keeping the computers in working order. I absolutely love this product. I no longer have to worry about what the students are doing on our computers, IT IS THE BEST!'
- Eastern New Mexico University/Ruidoso
Being able to remotely thaw and freeze computers on the network is spectacular. It saves me a whole lot of headaches. I recently replaced an entire building of computers, 166 in all, and I liked the idea of having the seed program. This way I was able to put the seed within the image for those PCs and then ghost them, only freezing the ones I want after they were all installed. It's also nice that the ones I chose not to freeze at the time could be frozen anytime later, without having to go find them in the building. It's a wonderful improvement!      
- Tuscola Intermediate School District
We have been using Deep Freeze Software for the last three years and have been extremely pleased with its performance. We are a small rural district in Indiana with good infrastructure and a very good student to computer ratio. We have public student computer access in labs, media centers, classroom mini-labs, and on rolling wireless laptop carts. Everything is hooked to networks and Internet accessible. Until we discovered Deep Freeze, we had constant problems with students changing settings on computers, hiding files on computers, and deleting icons and files. Some of this was accidental and some was done out of maliciousness. It happened even though we had good supervision from teachers and assistants. Unfortunately, the students often knew more than their supervisors. Since installing Deep Freeze these problems have disappeared. No matter what a student does to a computer (accidentally  or on purpose), when is is turned off and turned back on, it recovers itself to its original configuration. It has saved many, many hours of technician time that used to be put into fixing computer configurations and reloading software. It has also given teachers the confidence to put students in front of computers without fearing that they can do something that will break the computer. An added bonus, is that in the last few years with the proliferation of viruses, none of the computers protected by Deep Freeze has contracted a virus. We are extremely pleased with the Deep Freeze product and the great support we have received from Faronics.      
- Nineveh-Hensley-Jackson United School Corp, IN
Before deep freeze, 82 percent of our help desk log was software related issues in our computer labs. Our curious and destructive 7-12 grade students were having field days exploring and hacking our NT profile locked computers in 13 computer labs at 4 different schools. After installing deep freeze, profile hacking issues are almost non-existent. Computer use and uptime in the computer labs are near 95%, and we deal with the computer lab teachers in terms of configuration changes, not replicating errors. The off shoot of using deep freeze is we now have more time to work on other problems and projects, as well as having time to pursue other professional development endeavors. Thank you Faronics Technologies for Deep Freeze. It definitely made our jobs so much easier.     
- Forest Grove School District
We absolutely ADORE Deep Freeze!! In the past, we had to spend a lot of time in our computer labs in the High Schools, troubleshooting the PC's. That's even with security software. Some kids would always crack the security. Well, this year we've spent almost NO TIME in the computer labs. The kids just can't mess up the machines like they used to. Keep up the great work!!!     
- Mounds View Public Schools, MN
One word... AWESOME. It has been a wonderful tool. It has saved many hours of work for our Department.      
- Othello School Dist. #147, WA
Our school district has been using Deep Freeze on our student PCs, both Windows 98 and XP, for almost two years. From an network administration point of view, it has been one of the best software purchases we have made. We are able to keep our student machines free of viruses and the occasional student hacker. Computer labs do not require re-imaging unless software needs to be installed or upgraded. Since each computer remains pristine after a reboot, we don't have to use up valuable network disk space keeping disk images. Classes of students can use the machine, and each student that boots up a PC is guaranteed to have the same consistent desktop and available applications as the student who was there before. This makes instruction easier. Lastly, computer techs spend less time in the labs which frees them up for other work. Our anxiety level is way down as far as any machine with Deep Freeze on it.      
- San Dieguito Union High School District, CA
We have put Deep Freeze on all of the library computers and it has worked like a charm. No more unwanted downloads, videos, games, AOL, toolbars and so on. It has kept the computers clean and usable. We have been using the product throughout the school and it has been a very successful tool. It is easy to install and use. I highly recommend its use.      
- W.C. Overfelt High School, CA
I want to thank Faronics Technologies for such a great product. My department was in a real difficult situation when we ordered a desktop protection application from another company and it caused severe operating system errors. After costing us a considerable fee for restocking and the hassle of trying to uninstall the protection software, which actually involved re-imaging entire classrooms, we ran across the Deepfreeze product. Deepfreeze was the ideal replacement application. Installation and operation went flawlessly. We could not have asked for a better solution to our desktop protection problems. Also, I'd like to thank the customer service department for their professional staff and helpful attitude.     
- Matanuska Susitna College
That Deep Freeze is amazing software. I get just one hour/day to maintain the entire school network (between teaching classes). Without Deep Freeze the job would be impossible.     
- Peetabeck Academy
Deep Freeze has taken the work out of being a Computer Lab Manager. I never thought I would find myself writing one of these cheesy product endorsements, but Deep Freeze has made me a believer and I want to spread the word. Before we installed this program, careless and malicious users forced us to play an endless shell game of seek and repair with our workstations. I can't begin to tell you the time, effort and worry that this one program has saved us. The only time I have to go into the lab now is to open it up in the morning. Thanks a million guys. You've got a great product.      
- Bennett College, NC
Deep Freeze is working just great! Often many weeks pass before I have to even go in my lab. The machines are always working.     
- Cal State University, Fresno
I received DeepFreeze end of last week. To be honest I had doubts whether it could be as good as your web-site said it was. I was pleasantly surprised - It is even better!! Thanks for a great product it will surely save me at least 5 hours a week.     
- University of the Free State
I would like to commend you and your company for the incredible customer service I encountered. Everyone I communicated with, both via phone and e-mail, was very cordial and helpful. As a technology coordinator for aschool I will definitely be sharing my experience with our District Technology Committee. I am also very pleased with the DeepFreeze Application. We are housing district summer school at my site this year and I was quite worried about all those different teachers and students wreaking havoc with my lab. Thanks to your software and your very helpfulstaff I can enjoy my summer off knowing my lab is protected.      
- Cucamonga School District
I wanted to see how DeepFreeze worked on Win2k, and it seems to work as well there as it does on Win9x. DeepFreeze on Win9x saved us tons of grief last school year. It's a truly amazing Program, and that's coming from an ex-programmer.     
- Reinhardt College
Deep Freeze is a GREAT product. No Middle or High School should be without it! We've saved hours of troublesome service calls because teachers can fix their own computer problems by simply rebooting. I installed Deep Freeze on my most troublesome computers in the labs and libraries. Since then, I have not had a single service call on any of them.Just imagine having all the computers in a lab set up identically and no way for the students to alter the settings. This has helped our teaching staff a great deal. When the teacher gives a demonstration, the rest of the computers always have the exact same settings and there is much less confusion trying to find options that have been disabled. Deep Freeze - I wouldn't run a computer lab without it!     
- Phelps-Clifton Springs CSD, NY
I just wanted to let you know that as a Lab Manager, this program is fantastic. I can't even tell you how much time this saves me. We have tried other products, but this is the first one to do what we want and not have any bugs.     
- Blue River Community College, Kansas City, MO
We have been using Deep Freeze for almost a year now, and I would say this is the BEST product that has ever come along for anyone who administers publicly accessible computers. In the college environment, we want students to have the ability to install software that comes with textbooks, download applications, and explore the uses of the computer fully. With other products we tried, that was a hassle-- students lost the ability to right-click on their files, applications often conflicted or just plain didn't run. But with Deep Freeze all of those hassles of fighting with lab PCs are gone. The computer *always* remains the way you set it up with a simple reboot. Believe me--you want Deep Freeze in your labs!      
- Augustana College, Rock Island, IL
I have had really good results with Deep Freeze! I service 9 extension sites to the college and have Deep Freeze installed on 5 so far. I work for a project that sets up and supports computer networks in rural areas that normally do not have access to technology so sometimes I must drive up to 100 miles away from my office to check on my sites. Deep Freeze has made it so that my networks have stopped calling in any software problems so that I just go out to check on them and say HI (with an occasional hardware failure or update). The biggest success that I have had is with a Boys and Girls club center where I used Deep Freeze in a dual boot configuration with Win98. The college that I work for uses the computers in the morning for classes and the kids (around 60-80 kids a day, 5 days a week for 6 hours a day) uses them in the afternoon and evening to play games - thus the dual boot. Since putting Deep Freeze onthese machines, I have not had to fix one software problem from a configuration change. The kids also bring in their own software but as soon as we reboot it is removed relieving us of any license issues.     
- Peninsula College
I could not be happier with Deep Freeze. We have installed it on the 28 machines in our Library and have not had a problem with students trashing the machines. Our Librarian is in seventh heaven. We plan on using Deep Freeze on the machines in our new labs also. This is the best piece of software we have purchased.     
- Clovis Unified School District
I like it, I like it a lot! I like the changes that have been made to the program, making it easier to administer. Being able to turn DeepFreeze off while in Windows and being able to determine the number of reboots before freezing allows me to set a student tech to work installing a piece of software without having to give them the password or being there to constantly enter the password for them. I am sure others have approved of the changes so add my accolades to thelist. Thanks again. This program has cut my work load beyond belief!     
- Bowness High School
What a fantastic program it has turned out to be. A real work saver for me! I installed it on the computers in our Upper School computer lab last November, and I haven't had to touch them since!! Fantastic!      
- Canterbury School
DeepFreeze has saved me countless hours of reloading. I take care of two computers lab at a community college in Ottawa, Ontario. In the past I was using mirroring software but it didn't give me all the security thatDeepFreeze does. I use to reload at least 10 computers a week. With DeepFreeze I have not reloaded one computer since September 2000. This software is the best. I just can't wait for DeepFreeze NTFS, on of my labswill need to be Windows 2000 in September. Keep up the good work guys!      
- Algonquin College
What is great about Deep Freeze is the fact that students are able to work with no hindrances. They can save to their own networked "space", perform any system changing tasks that are required as exercises, based on curriculum needs and, otherwise, be free to carry on as necessary with the technology. As teachers, administrators and technicians, we can be more relaxed with what students are doing to and with computers - this makes for a much less restrictive atmosphere which is much more conducive to learning!!     
- Lakeland Catholic School District
I work for Chatham County School and we purchased Deep Freeze. It is the greatest ever! My work orders have been cut in half. The only Windows troubles are hardware and not software! I stopped by your booth in Greensboro at the NCETC and praised the product. Thank you for having such a great product.     
- Chatham County School
One person mentioned the fact that in the past he was always very concerned when he was away with a replacement substitute teacher in his place. The students were always altering the machines, but with DF that worry was now gone.     
- St. Boniface School Division #4
All I can say is that we use it to great effect in protecting our individual classroom machines from accidental or malicious alteration which usually occurs through unsanctioned software download and installation.     
- Burnaby School District
We have been very pleased with Deep Freeze. Many nuisance issues such as stopped print queues, settings changes, inappropriate wallpaper download from the Internet are now fixed with a simple reboot. This product has saved much time and frustration. We highly recommend it.     
- Bulkley Valley School District
We at Continuing Education think (and know) its a great product. It's so good, that even we don't realize it on so we sometimes end up deleting things only to find they are still there when we reboot!      
- Prince George School District
I very much like the idea that students can experiment with things as much as they like, but I, as the lab supervisor, don't have to suffer the consequences. Also, I appreciate not having to go through scandisk and safe mode just because a student was too lazy to shut the computer down properly. We are about to install it on some of the computers in our IT lab. It should eliminate many of the headaches we have been having with illegally installed software, etc.      
- Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School
We're actually using it on several PC's in our classroom/lab with good results. My time spent cleaning up the systems has been reduced quite a bit, especially from students adding games and other small problems.      
- Conseil scolaire du Nord-Ouest
Deep Freeze has proven to be a great asset to our schools. Imaging machines used to be the norm for cleaning up altered configurations on the Windows platform. While this did provide a welcome solution for Windows maintenance, the time involved to re-image an entire lab is considerable. Now, a simple reboot does the trick, andre-imaging only needs to be done when new software is added to the system. Thanks to Deep Freeze our teachers have more time to spend on instructional preparation instead of lab maintenance.     
- Campbell River School District
Prior to "discovering" Deep Freeze at the Jan/2000 Comdex/Vancouver our IS department had struggled with the sometimes insurmountable problem of maintaining over 2000 desktops in 50 schools. Our best efforts in utilizing windows policies were continually being foiled by enterprising, eager to practice hacking, school students. No sooner would we establish an environment then it would be trashed or compromised in some manner or another. The amount of IT time being consumed was stifling other potential areas of expansion despite our best efforts to find solutions. We had experience with NT workstation and knew that was only a solution for our new hardware installations, plus it was an expensive route. The challenge was to lock down the existing PCs running Win‘95/‘98 and enforce some sanity in a virus plagued, internet download happy, hackable desktop environment. And viola there it was.... Deep Freeze... That magical moment when it was loaded on a test machine and the technicians could not blow it up was worth its weight in gold. We now have Deep Freeze running on over 500 desktops with plans to deploy it on another 1,000 machines. The amount of technical intervention for OS and software related problems has dropped to almost nil. We can now concentrate on keeping current our system and software versions and be more proactive on hardware upkeep and network management. That one stop at the Faronics booth at Vancouver Comdex made the entire trip worthwhile!      
- Saskatoon Public School Division #13
YCDSB had tested Deep Freeze for 6 months in areas of minimal supervision (i.e. library lab) and in fully supervised classrooms ( i.e. computer studies labs) and We found that Deep Freeze is very effective in securing the workstation. The need for school technical support has dramatically being reduced. YCDSB will be installingDeep Freeze to all the high school classroom computers across the system this summer.      
- York Catholic District School Board
Rare thing, Deep Freeze works as advertised. My workload has been greatly reduced.     
- Springdale Job Corps Center
Deep Freeze is the solution to all the problems that you can have in a school computer lab. We put Deep Freeze on our Master Image, sent it to the workstations and not a kid can mess with the machines.     
- Heritage School, Northwest Francophone Education Region
Deep Freeze has meant using less of my time fixing common problems, and more of my time doing real work. Using Deep Freeze also means we can have a large number of workstations looking exactly alike, without having to worry about our users changing any settings. It makes using windows in a school system zero-maintenance. Deep Freeze also makes our users more aware of their "network experience" and to distinguish between network resources and the local workstations. Coupled with tools such as Norton Ghost and Novell ZenWorks, Deep Freeze allows me to have confident control of my users' desktops.     
- Prince Rupert School District
In a school with over a thousand students and 200 computer workstations, it‘s time consuming keeping everything up and running. Students (and staff!) install software, change system settings and "customize" their workstations all the time. This often means software we need for our classes won‘t work properly or consistently. We needed a way to deploy an entire lab of workstations that all look and function identically, and stay that way! Deep Freeze has been a huge help in reaching this goal.We tested Deep Freeze in a cross-curricular lab that is heavily used by a variety of classes. The install went smoothly. During the two months since, we haven‘t had to fix a single software problem! All thirty machines look and behave the same, every time they‘re re-booted. Our Library has always been a problem location for "hackers" who try to mess up computer settings for sport. Since we "Froze" the library workstations, they‘ve been available for students to use for work and research, and our hackers have had to go elsewhere for their fun. Deep Freeze has made it possible for me to spend less of my time resolving software problems and more time with my students.     
- St. Theresa's High School
We got Deep Freeze in early January, and I must say... It's a god-send!!!! one of the products that works as advertised, and without glitches!!! Most students won't even know it's there, until their 'winamp' and such programs disappear!!! Together with Ghost... it's a winning team.      
- Victoria High School
I work at the Kanab City Library we recently purchased Your Deep Freeze program and I wished to convey to You how much I like it. It has already saved us a lot of money in down time and time spent taking unwanted programs off the computers in our facility. It was so easy to install and it is so easy to use!     
- Kanab City Library
This software is terrific! When teaching in my lab, I frequently direct students to use a particular icon on their desktop. In the past when students "customized" their desktop, frequently the icon I identified "in the left corner" was anywhere but there. Now, when students tinker with their machine, I simply have them restart when they leave. They are enjoying some flexibility with their use of the machine; I enjoy having the machine reset itself! I have also used the "thawed" drive option to create a space where student work can be saved - and not lost on a restart. This is working beautifully, and was so much easier to install than my previous desktop security software.     
- Freeport, Maine
We have this stupid program called Deep freeze on our school computers. What is does is whatever you do to a computer it will return back to its original state once you reboot. I cant delete the program because windows is using it and a process killer won't work. I cant get into DOS either, it disable all startup hotkeys, and wont let you reboot into DOS. I cant boot from a floppy either, and I cant get into BIOS to fix it. Deep Freeze also protects the BIOS password so shift+s, y, x, z don't work and a bios password crack wont work either. I can be prompted for a Deep Freeze password by pressing ctrl+f8 when the computer starts, but I don't know it and have yet to find a cracker for it. Help would be much appreciated. I can get by and program but I've hit a Mountain this time.     
- Authentic Hacker Post on Hacker Site
Ever since we installed the Deep Freeze in our labs, we enjoyed the "zero-maintenance" status. It is totally at our support group's discretion of adding/removing software according to the class requirement. In addition, our instructors appreciated the consistent teaching environment and improved efficiency.I would not hesitate to recommend applying this "magic" software to any Win9x classrooms. In fact, other departments in campus were interested in purchasing this software after they learned about our discovery.     
- Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
Hello, I have been "Hacking" For about 6 years now. I know the ins and outs of any computer and network. I have never seen any program that could stop me. Even the widely used and popular Fortress 101. When I saw the reward that you posted, "$500 If you can crash this computer" I saw a sign that read "Easy Money" and I jumped to crash it. That day changed my life. NEVER have a seen a program that would make a computer crash proof and virus proof. And yet so much more. I told the School that I attend to get your program right away. And now that we have it. There is ZERO problems. And we have a HUGE network. All I can say is that YOU HAVE THE PERFECT PRODUCT AND THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION.      
- An anonymous student
We implemented deepfreeze in our academic computer labs in Sept 2000 after thorough testing. I must admit that I did not anticipate how well deepfreeze would perform. It made claims that sounded to good to be true. Were we pleasantly surprised. Before deepfreeze we relied on the windows system policies to lock down the computers. Unfortunately, the system policies can only go so far and we would have users deleting files, installing games etc. Prior to implementation we probably rebuilt two workstations a week. Not only is it time consuming to rebuild the computers (even with software like ghost), but it also meant that the lab was without a computer until we could get it reloaded. After implementing deepfreeze, I have rebuilt only two computers and these were because of hard drive failures. I have received many comments from the teaching staff with respect to how well deepfreeze works. It has saved us lots of time. Overall we are very impressed and happy with deepfreeze. It is a really great product.      
- St. Michaels University School
Deep Freeze has been excellent. I no longer have any worries about the "dabblers" and tutors also agree it is an excellent product.     
- Aberdeen City Council, UK
We have been effectively using Deepfreeze in RKM&RKW since 2001 (From Windows 95 version).Faronics have made marvelous improvements in Deepfreeze. The features like support for installing SUS updates, ability to image deepfreeze as part of Windows 2000/xp image and scheduled restart/shutdown are very helpful.     
- Ras-Al Khaimah Womens College, UAE
I have definitely noticed less computer problems being reported since all our staff first try a re-start before reporting a problem and that somehow does take care of some basic errors as the computer re-sets to its original setting (due to Deep Freeze).     
- Dubai Women's College, UAE
We began with Deep Freeze Professional a year ago, and have not needed to rebuild or re-image a single PC in our 150 seat lab. The students are set up as administrators and unfortunately, they install all sorts of nonsense. We even had a huge outbreak of the Blaster and Welchia virus but our PCs were the ONLY computers that did not retain a lasting infection. It's true that the virus appeared on about 30 of the machines, but 20 minutes later when the PCs reset themselves (due to the Deep Freeze Idle-Time Restart feature) the virus threat was completely gone. During the Deep Freeze Maintenance window we were able to disconnect the computers from the network, install Microsoft patches and update the anti-virus product, and less than 2 hours later we were back on track. That was over a month ago! Since then virus threats have been zero in our area despite the fact that they're still running amok all over the rest of the campus!     
- Computer User Area, Tygerberg Campus, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa
We did purchase both standard and pro version last year and I have to say how pleased I am with it. We had many years of students using their active imaginations on the PC's, and this year I have been able to focus my attention on more important issues. Before I couldn't seem to get ahead and now I am getting all the projects done that I wanted to. Well worth the money!      
- Westgate Mennonite Collegiate
During the Deep Freeze evaluation period, my support load to Bath Academy decreased by around seventy five percent! (Jon scores devastating own goal!) Seriously though, this frees up a lot of my time to concentrate on other more interesting projects and the college IT staff can get on with teaching rather than fire fighting! We were all very impressed indeed with the software.     
- Bath Academy, UK
I am very impressed with Faronics Deep Freeze. I especially like the timed shutdown feature. Now we can have all of the computers in the lab startup with the BIOS and shutdown with Deep Freeze. I messed up everything I could on the computer and restarted the machines and everything was back to normal. In the past we've had to remove administrator settings from the Windows user accounts so the kids wouldn't mess up the computers, but now we can use Deep Freeze and not have to worry about it! Faronics is a great company and I foresee doing business with you again.     
- Ozzy Schoonover, Cumberland Regional College, SK
Deep Freeze and Anti-Executable are crucial to preserving an image determined for mission critical law enforcement systems used 24x7 to ensure reliability and security with minimal downtime and with the least reliance on IT personnel. We currently have a policy that prohibits unauthorized installation of non-department sanctioned/owned software on any department computer. Anti-Executable will serve to increase a user’s productivity by blocking the installation of non-business and harmful files that could prevent the use of a mission critical system.     
- Tim Riley – Police Chief, LAPD
Anti-Executable and Deep Freeze will cut down the amount of staff needed to manage the laptops while still keeping them up and running. I have seen all the problems that can occur in a workstation environment, but in a mobile environment, it is completely different because we have less time, staff, and resources to work with — and the service level is very important. We are pretty sure Deep Freeze and Anti-Executable will help accomplish our task of having the laptops up and running without requiring any anti-virus or Windows system updates.      
- Tom Hsieh - Senior Network and Systems Analyst, LAPD
"Deep Freeze is one of the greatest investments that Philippine School of Business Administration has made to safeguard the configuration and integrity of our computer software programs. Our system administrator couldn`t keep up with all the problems popping up one after another in different computer laboratories before using Deep Freeze. Now, every computer on campus is Frozen solid to protect it from misconfiguration, operating system corruption, unauthorized installation of third-party programs / games, computer virus infections, malware / spyware attacks, and complete system instability. Our system administrator tested the trial version on one computer and subjected it to all types of abuse, but in the end Deep Freeze was able to protect the system`s configuration and stability. He was so impressed with the program that he suggested that we get the Enterprise version and I wisely agreed to make his workload lighter. Thanks to Deep Freeze our system administrator has more time to focus on other IT developments instead of going around in circles fixing computers like a mad repairman. We are now focusing on hardware security since Deep Freeze has practically eradicated our software security issues. I recommend this product to anyone who is in charge of public access computers that need daily maintenance to stay in pristine working condition. Good examples of these environments are Schools, Libraries, Internet Cafes, and Hotels that offer business centers for its clients."     
- Juan D. Lim, Vice President of Finance, Philippine School of Business Administration
I have been using Deep Freeze on my Home PC for the past year and a half, and it has been brilliant! I use my computer for a lot of media-oriented activities—photo editing, games, and television. Before using Deep Freeze, my Windows computer would regularly corrupt itself every two weeks. Since using Deep Freeze though, I have never had to reformat or perform tedious system maintenance operations to keep my computer working. Deep Freeze has saved so many hours of my time, and I have never had to worry about viruses either. Excellent work Faronics!      
- Aaron O'Neil, Perth, Australia
Nexus IT Consultants provides IT consulting to businesses that wish to contract out their computing services. We have a great deal of corporate clients, and we used to spend a lot of time reformatting or cleaning machines whenever users would corrupt Windows or add unwanted files such as music and personal documents, etc. Faronics Deep Freeze has eliminated this problem at one location we have deployed at already--so far we are mightily impressed.     
- Ryan Roberts, Network Engineer, Nexus IT Consultants
We use Deep Freeze to protect the integrity of our hotel front desk system. Having computers perform flawlessly helps ensure that both our staff and guests enjoy a fast and stress-free check-in experience. Since the installation and configuration of Deep Freeze, we have had no further IT challenges. Thank you Faronics!     
- Dave Rhodes, Guest Services, Quality Inn - Airport, Sarasota
CTV uses Deep Freeze on computers that are often exposed to external networks where standard methods of protection may not be sufficient--such as our field video editing kits. These kits are used worldwide by our reporters to edit and submit video over local Internet or satellite connections. The fact that we can repair a virus-infected machine with a simple reboot is of great value to us!     
 - Mike Kozlakowski, Media Technology Systems, CTV
Deep Freeze is used on 2 PC`s in the lobby of the hotel for guest use. Each computer is rebooted nightly, and since installing Deep freeze we have not experienced any malfunctions with either PC. Deep Freeze is a great little program!      
- Frank LaLeune, General Manager, Courtyard Marriott Halifax
What a fantastic product Deep Freeze is. It is the only software product I know of which you can set it and forget it. I provide support for over 450 computers on three school sites in a one person technology department. There is no way I could do this without Deep Freeze.

The Windows boxes were a nightmare and the Apples weren't much better before Deep Freeze. During winter break I went room to room to do software updates on about 75 classroom computers. Every single machine was exactly the same, without exception, as when I set them up at the end of summer break.

If you provide support for classroom or lab computers and are undecided about this product, don't wait any longer. You will never be sorry you started using Deep Freeze.
- David Park, King City Union School District, King City, CA
I have deep freeze on my PC and it has prevented me from deleting files like Windows Media player & other programs. I love it to death. I cant delete anything apart from my documents, videos, music & pictures. It stops me from getting viruses as well.
- Jodie Brunning, Australia
I have been using Deepfreeze now for many years I was part of an internet cafe that bought it and that is over 7 year ago I believe. This is the best thing I have ever found to keep my computer save. The fact I can let the kids on it then reboot and remove the kids junk with out loosing anything I have is just awsome. I wish everyone would use it. I here my friends complaining about getting viruses and I just smile. Then I tell them about DeepFreeze, and they just can't believe what I say until I show them anyway it is great can't wait until I can get the new one and upgrade. Being the best and greastest program there is I think. I still will have to wait :( but I am sure it will be worth the wait. Thank you for DeepFreeze
- Darlene Johnson, USA